Before & After: Client Kitchen

I've been waiting to reveal this kitchen to you since we began the project last winter.  

It all started when Tracy found me on Facebook because she wanted help with her Master Bedroom.  I finished our plans for her room, but before she made any changes, she realized what she really wanted to do was renovate their kitchen.  So she called me back!  By then we had struck a friendship and the rest is history.  I love when clients become friends in real life.  

Let's talk about the details...

My clients love to entertain and their galley kitchen wasn't working for them.  It was open to the living room, but there wasn't room for entertaining or the type of cooking that they enjoy.  Plus, the overall style of the kitchen wasn't reflective of their personal style.  They were living with the house as purchased but were ready for a BIG change.  

The plan was for the dining room wall (with the microwave and stove) to be removed and to extend the kitchen into the dining room.  A twelve foot long island would run the length of new kitchen and set the tone for entertaining.  Thankfully they have an awesome contractor, Dave, that knew exactly how to handle the construction and was easy to work with.
This was the dining room.  Their table would soon be replaced by their new island!

This is a view from the garage entry/mud room.  You can see the bad lighting, tile floors, and an idea of how dark the kitchen could feel.

We replaced all the lighting, all the floors, and added this fantastic piece from The House of Belonging that fit this house on the lake.
We painted their old cabinets, removed some uppers to add open shelving, kept their original granite counters on the perimeter, and opened up the whole space.  You can see that the original dining room wall is gone, and the island has been installed.

Here's the tour.  Enjoy! {Photo credit to Tracy Anne Photography}

They have amazing views of the lake, so we kept the interior colors neutral and calm.  This way your eye really focuses on what's outdoors.  Notice the molding added to their original peninsula.  This is a great way to add a custom detail to your kitchen.  

Every family in the restaurant biz who loves to entertain needs a fridge drawer like this! ;-)

Thank you for taking this tour of Jeff & Tracy's new kitchen!  I hope enjoyed seeing the possibilities of what can be done with a home that isn't working for you.  HUGE thanks to Tracy & Jeff for being such fantastic clients staying open to my ideas.  xo

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Have we connected?

I worked with Abby on the remodel of my entire main level of our home (kitchen, living room, dining room, foyer, back entry way and powder room). She has been a life saver! She brings a level of professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm to the a project that is undeniable. Abby has the ability to work closely with her clients to ensure that all areas of interest are met. While doing this she listens closely and provides feedback. She worked with us on the beginning stage of design all the way to the final detail of staging our built-ins. No detail goes unnoticed with her. In fact, she brought items to my attention that were small but made the most profound changes to our home. Now when I walk into my home everyday I am in love with our space. It finally feels like "our" home! And the best part is I feel like I had something to do with it because of Abby. --Tracy C.


  1. Such a bright and refreshing take on a kitchen! I love your styling as well!

  2. Abby it's gorgeous!!! I love all the changes you made - what a beautiful, bright, cheerful space.

  3. You have done an amazing job Abby! What a great place for get togethers. The view inside rivals the view outside! :)

  4. WOW! another fabulous transformation girl!! Its amazing

  5. Amazing, Abby! It's really hard for me to conceptualize what rooms will look like with walls coming down or removing cabinets, but you clearly have that eye. Taking that wall down did so much more than just open up the space. You transformed the entire look of the room and it looks beautiful! I love those floors!

  6. Just fabulous Abby! Love the palette and open feel. The floors are to die for and make the entire space feel unified. Great job!!!

  7. Such an amazing transformation, Abby! You definitely nailed it. Love how fresh and relaxing the space feels. Great job!

  8. Amazing! Is there anything you can't do?

  9. BRAVOOOO my friend! i just love that frosted glass tile so much. everything looks GREAT

  10. It's absolutely perfect...when can I move in??? (c; You never cease to amaze and anyone that is your client or friend (both is pretty much amazeballs) should consider themselves very lucky! That island/pendant combination is just the prettiest <3

  11. Oh my goodness! Such a breath-taking kitchen! The stuff dreams are made of ;)

  12. holy cow, abby! I LOVE that kitchen!!! I am sure your clients are beyond thrilled with it too!

  13. I can't even begin to go through the fabulous list of what I love. But all the wonderful details aside, and the gorgeousness of the entire thing, what I love the most is that the entire space relates back to the stone fireplace, making the whole thing fit togethet like a perfect puzzle. This is over the top :-)

  14. Beautiful, Abbey! Everything about this design is wonderful. I bet they are overjoyed with how everything turned out!!

  15. What a change! Can you tell me what the floors are?


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