Michigan Vacation, a Photo Shoot, & a Giveaway Winner

Hi friends!  It has been far too long since I've hopped into blog land, and I must admit, I haven't missed it. 

 We have been on vacation for days, living on the water, boating, playing in the pool, and being carefree with the kiddos. Yes, I know we are lucky. ;-)  The water here is so clear you can see to the bottom even at 20 feet deep. The colors go from emerald green to navy to ice blue.  It's like the Caribbean, just in northern Michigan.  

Before we left on vacation I had the pleasure of having Lori's kitchen photographed by Tracy.  Lori was an amazing client who has turned into a friend.  I'm excited to share the final reveal with you, but for now, here's a preview!
The day before the photo shoot I scrambled around Grand Rapids looking for pieces to style the kitchen.  I'm not big on clutter in the kitchen.  I don't want every piece of counter space covered in appliances or decorative items.  But a few good accessories can add the perfect punch of pretty. 

 I've discovered I really love the styling component of my job.  It's like the icing on the cake of a well designed space...the finishing touch.  Lori even decided to keep most of what I bought for her.  Happy day all around!

Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for!  
A winner has been chosen at random for the Wilsonart Dream Kitchen Challenge!  

Michelle Kroll of Michelle Kroll Design!
Congrats!  You've won a $50 gift card to William's Sonoma courtesy of Wilsonart Countertops.
(If you missed my post on my dream kitchen, click here.)
Thank you to all who entered!  Michelle, I can't wait to see what you select from William's Sonoma.  
Love that store.

Now, back to having dance parties with my boys, pool time, and boat rides galore. I hope you're enjoying your summer!  And if you're a client--I haven't forgotten about you.  xoxo

If you would like to work together creating a home you love, click here for more information.

Have we connected?


  1. I've been missing your posts but sometimes you just have to unplug for a while with your family. We spend a lot of time on the Canadian side of the Great Lakes - we have a lake house on Lake Erie and I love it more than I can even describe. We're heading out next week and I can't wait!

  2. Good for you to focus on what's most important and so fleeting -- time with loved ones! Work is always there, but checking out is the best way to charge the soul!

  3. I'm happy you're having fun, but I've missed you. With the heat this summer, I can't blame you.

  4. I agree the most fun part of the job is the styling--- a room is not finished until its styled. looks great!


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