before and after: Rockford Kitchen client

Yay!  It's time for 'before & after' kitchen pictures!  I know you love them just as much as I do.  

My clients had moved into one of the model homes in their neighborhood, and hadn't made any changes since.  If you met Lori, you would see that she's super stylish and put together.  This kitchen just didn't reflect her personality at all.  That's when I swoop in to the rescue!  {I think all this vacation time with the boys has me with super heroes on the brain. ;-)}  My clients were incredibly easy to work with and everything just moved along very quickly.  

Well let's get to the pictures.  My super hero in this project was Tracy from Tracy Anne Photography.  She took all of the 'after' shots for me, and they look fantastic.  If you're looking for a photographer in the West Michigan area, check her out!
My list of recommended changes:
*new lighting 
*wall color
*larger rug
*drapes on the slider
*floor stain
*enlarging island and painting it

I hope you scroll back and forth to the before and after shot, just to see all the changes.  
She wanted to keep her table, but did add two new chairs to the mix.  
I like the new texture on the woven chairs!

Now prepare yourself for an onslaught of photos:

And a "before" shot...just one more time:

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my client's kitchen!  Thank you, Lori, for allowing me to share.  And special thanks to Tracy for taking the photos.  

Do you have a favorite part of this kitchen remodel? 
 Mine is the backsplash.  Yours?

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Have we connected?


  1. Ditto on the backsplash - what a gorgeous element - it really catches your eye and draws you in!

  2. So beautiful! I love the backsplash and the overall feel of the entire space!

  3. The backsplash is what wows me, but the color on the island and the countertops are also so pretty!

  4. The changes you made really update and modernize the space. Love the backsplash and the island! Great job, Abby! Love it!

  5. Wonderful. The whole space feels so much larger and brighter.

  6. You surprised me with this one. I thought for sure you were going to have the cabinets painted white.
    My favorite part is the lighting. And the overall fresh feel.
    Good job!

  7. I'm so glad the cabinets were not painted! Thank you for keeping them wood tone.

  8. It's great to see a kitchen redo keeping the wood cabinets. While I personally like painted cabinets, it's great to see that fresh kitchens can happen with wood. Thanks for showing it and in such a gorgeous way!! I'm going to do an inexpensive face lift on my own kitchen, and I think I'm going to keep the wood cabinets -- I would love to paint them, but I'm not sure I want the oak grain coming through the paint. Dilemma! With my white and blue-gray floor tiles, that's probably the direction I'm going. I love what you did with this kitchen, Abby, it's such great inspiration!

  9. Beautiful! What a great backsplash! It feels so much brighter!

  10. I also love the fact you didn't paint the cabinets. It shows that a kitchen that's not trendy white can still be gorgeous. Way to go Abby!

  11. Everything is just beautiful! So fresh with the new paint! I love the backsplash and the painted island. I am sure this gives many people hope that the don't have to pain their cabinets white! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Great job Abby! Good call on painting the island and the color choice. It breaks up the brown and ties into wall color and area rug.

  13. oh my gosh - Abby - this is AMAZING. you must be so happy with the way it turned out. gasping!!

  14. I really love your granite choice. Is that white river? One of the granites that comes closest to looking like a marble. Nice.

  15. I love how much brighter it all feels. Great job!

  16. I love how you modernized and brightened up the space! Just beautiful!


  17. Stunning transformation! Those pendant lights are beautiful!


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