Lansing Lake House: client design plans

Friday morning I met with a wonderful couple who have a lake house not too far from me.  He bought the home when he was a bachelor, and they've never really made it their own.  Now they are ready and I'm so excited that they decided to work with me.  I had met Kara once, but never Ralph, and really had no idea what he would go for design-wise.  But as I was creating the design plans I committed to designing what I would really like to see in their home--because after all, that's what they're paying me to do!  Imagine my surprise when they approved every design and were super excited about the rooms.  

Here's what we've done so far...

When you walk in the door they have a nice sized entry.  I'd like this large photograph to great you.  I was nervous it would be too modern for them, but it turns out he used to live in Vegas and it reminds them of that.  Plus, the words are fitting for a second home on the lake!
Add in a navy and white indoor-outdoor rug and you've yourself a great entry to welcome guests!

The entry opens up into a hexagon shaped living room a very tall ceiling and huge windows overlooking the lake.  I kept their main pieces neutral and added cheerful colors and patterns through the fabrics.

As you walk down the hallway you see the guest bedroom first.  As usual, I think the lighting makes the room. ;-)

Continuing down the hall is the master bedroom.  I was inspired to create their bedroom based on this art by  Clare Elsaesser.

I'd like to add the moldings behind the headboard, and paint the door to their closet/bathroom & bathroom vanity Hidden Fall by Benjamin Moore.  The teal rectangle on the bed is actually a velvet bolster pillow.  I wanted their bedroom to feel like a relaxing retreat with a hint of sexy.  

Up next for this house is the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, and the basement level.  I am so blessed to work with wonderful clients who are willing to see my vision and trust me!  I'm excited for this house to come together.  

What do you think of these plans?  Do you have a favorite out of the four spaces?

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  2. Formica ruled the roost. To be fair, laminates have come a long way and are quite popular in Europe.



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