when your newborn and toddler share a bedroom

One of the most unexpected perks of being an interior designer is knowing when clients are pregnant before everyone else.  :-)  They want to be on my client schedule, but they're not yet ready to tell the world they're expecting.  

One of my repeat e-design clients is expecting their second child, and they'd like their toddler and newborn to share a room.  The challenge is that the room is quite small.  All the more fun for me!  
So what do you do when 
your baby and toddler need to share a small space?

First off, I am a huge fan of two twin beds in a room.  Even if there is only one child sleeping there on a nightly basis.  

I love the idea of butting twin beds against each other: foot to foot.

The extra storage with the drawers below are perfect for a small space.  Let's face it.  Even if you're a minimalist parent, children seem to acquire more stuffed animals and stuff than we ever need.

For my e-design clients, it will be a twin bed plus a crib for at least two years.  In this case, I like the bed pushed against the wall, length wise, like a sofa.

This room is obviously not small, but it has the same vibe of sofa bed and crib.  The drapes in this room are spectacular. 

This is one of my all-time favorite nurseries.  There is a large white sofa (could be replaced with a twin bed) and a crib flanked by bookshelves.  This provides the added storage and each child can 'own' a bookcase.

This plan is genius, in my mind.  You use a twin mattress but with the upholstered headboard the length of the mattress.  This gives you the look of a sofa with the glam of a large bed, while still saving space for the crib.

Can you tell I'm really in love with the sofa bed idea?  

I am really looking forward to the challenge of creating this small space!
If you have children, do they share a room?  Any room sharing tips I need to hear?

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  1. These are some super great images. My girls each have a sofa in their rooms (cast-offs, so don't be too impressed, lol), and I must say they are the best possible addition to a room, particularly for teenagers who hang out in there, and well, as sleepover beds, too. If a room has the space, and it's a budget issue, slipcovering something old is a great idea.

  2. Thanks Carol! My client will have a twin bed and a crib for at least two years. Can't wait to see how it comes together!


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