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Why do we always make our own bedrooms the last priority?
Please tell me I'm not the only one!

Our master bedroom is the ugliest room in our house.  Well, truthfully our master bathroom is worse.  But that's a major renovation that will come later. We've been in our home for two years and there is still so much that needs to be done. For now--let's deal with the master bedroom!

Last year I started to make a plan.  I knew I wanted green, black, and white.  {Shocking, right?}
I started by painting the entire room white.  It took me nearly four coats to cover the horrible green that was on the walls.  It was a combination of chartreuse and mustard-- not for me.  
I got about this far:
The side table was dragged in from the living room, but it's not the correct height, so I'm still looking.

But once our green velvet sofa arrived, I liked these pillows and blanket so much in our living room, that I was back to zero in our bedroom.

Truth?  Our bedroom really looks horrible.  It's a case of the cobbler has no shoes.  
Total confession in photos:

Thankfully, I have a renewed design plan.  And it's actually happening!
It started with this stunning, vintage Schumacher fabric that will cover a large amount of my white walls.

My friend Carol, from 6 Wilson, found the bolt of fabric for me, and is going to sew the bed pillows.  One green & white pillow will have black velvet piping, and the pillow shams will be out of the black and white fabric below.  I'm in love.  

And it only feels right to add some giant pom-pom fringe to the green drapes.  They deserve some poms!
Here's an example by Sarah Richardson:

I believe Carol is shipping me the bolt of Schumacher fabric today--I can hardly stand the wait.  The talented Laura Taylor will make them into amazing drapes for me, and that room will be in top shape sooner than later.  To put the cherry on top, this weekend I was gifted this channel back chair from my grandmother.

I may be a chair hoarder, this is true.  But you know I love a good chair 'before & after'!  This chair will be reupholstered in a black and white fabric.  Probably a horizontal stripe to accent the channel back.  I hope you come back to visit when our bedroom is finished!  

Thank you so much for reading!  I hope you had a lovely weekend.  And I'd love to know...
Do you leave your bedroom for last?  Or did you finish your bedroom before any other room in the house?

UPDATE: To see the most recent updates of our bedroom click here.

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Have we connected?


  1. I love seeing your work in progress. It's going to look so fresh and the vintage Schumacher looks like it will be just perfect in there. BTW, have you seen the new HGTV fabric line at Joann's? They have a few emerald black & white prints that would look amazing in your room! PS The first room I redid in our house was the master. I needed an escape from the rest of the renovation!

  2. Loving it...great combos!!! I am tired of my bedroom's look...but it's an investment.

  3. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a terrible master bedroom... although yours is light years ahead of mine! I'm dying over your vintage fabric! What a find!

  4. Hi Abby, Thanks for the 6 Wilson shout out today. I can't wait to see it all come together. My own bedroom is a disaster. One corner of it is done! But, it's on my long list. One of these days...

  5. It is going to be amazing, I'm absolutely in love with that fabric! I am also a chair hoarder. Got a pair of barrel back chairs this weekend, perfect match, totally sturdy, not a wiggle, for FREE. They are currently upholstered in salmon velvet. But, oh, they have loads of potential!

  6. Loving the black, white & green combo! It is going to look divine when it is finished. And really...it doesn't look as horrible as you might think it looks. And...I worked on our master bedroom pretty early on, but I find that it is always a work in progress. Can't wait to see your finished product!

  7. What a beautiful vision! I can't wait to see the final product, I know it will be lovely!

  8. boy I can TOTALLY relate!! Our bedroom has been a hot mess for some time now and I am finally finishing it in its entirety. I'll cheer you on if you;ll cheer me on! :-)

  9. I've got your back! You are way ahead of me. I can't wait to see your mirror installed!

  10. Thanks Amy! I need to check our your bedroom. Maybe I'll be motivated to finish ours. :-)

  11. Thanks Jennifer! I'm glad to know I'm in good company with a fellow chair hoarder. ;-) Salmon velvet doesn't sound so bad!

  12. Thanks Carissa! I'm excited for that vintage fabric too. ;-)

  13. Thanks Mary Ann! Your bedroom is beautiful, but I understand feeling ready for a change. Thanks for visiting today!

  14. Thanks for the suggestion, Kim! I took a look at them online today--they really have some great patterns! I'll have to check them out in the store. Thanks for visiting!

  15. Loving the combnation of fabrics and colors. I have the green Chenonceau fabric pilows in my family room. In fact you can see my summer pillows in my post today. I am a huge fan of black and white,mixed with greens and blues so your room is so appealing to my design aesthetic. You are on a wonderful path to a very pretty room,


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