Neutral living rooms

I may be a color junkie but the majority of my clients are not.  I have two current clients who want to stay very neutral with just glimpses of color.  One is leaning orange, the other is wanting bits of blue.
I find this look very relaxing and just easy to spend time in.  And isn't that what we want in our home?

Here are a few examples of neutral living rooms I loved (with great layouts) that have
hits of subtle color.

I notice a few key ideas from these examples:
-Don't run out of money before you install your drapes.  You need that amazing fabric for added texture and amazingness.
-Smaller furniture pieces, such as ottomans or poufs are a perfect place to add your punch of color.
-Artwork can make your room shine and be all the color statement you need.
-If you're staying neutral, then please be sure to include texture and pattern in your space.  Otherwise you're room can fall flat and be boring for your eyes.  Can't have that!

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  1. The first 3 images are my favorites. I love a neutral room, but I have to say, I think it's a must that they be in homes that are full of light. Otherwise, they tend to feel cold to me.

  2. Gorgeous post. I love every room - just perfect


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