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Hi friends!  Who is ready for a long weekend?!

My little man was sick this week, so my whole schedule was thrown off.  Back to normal blog posting next week!  There is so much I haven't shared with you.  Let's catch up!

I drank my coffee with this beautiful view today.  Don't be deceived.  It's about 45 degrees outside!

The Cottage Project dining room has window treatments!  My client is so happy...and I'm happy she's happy.  I still need to make her a centerpiece for her table.  I'm looking for a long, zinc, vessel that I can fill with succulents.  We'll see.

I was surprised Friday morning to see 1000 followers on my Instagram!  Woo hoo!  If you're connected with me on IG you know it's my social media of choice.  I've met some amazing people and brands this way.

After reading Shauna's book Bread & Wine, I was inspired to invite our neighbors over for dinner.  You know how when you see each other in the driveway you say how "we should have you guys over some time"...but then no one ever actually extends the invitation?  I asked.  They came.  She clapped for the food.  They are obviously invited to come over any time, now! ;-)  Make this salad this weekend and you'll be glad!
Cube 6 Cups watermelon, soak them in the juice of one lime for a few hours.  Before serving add 8 oz. of chopped fresh feta, and a few sprigs of fresh mint.  I added a bit of sea salt to mine.  Deeeeeeeelish.

So yeah...I bought this sofa this week at my favorite resale shop in my town of Grand Rapids.  It's 94 inches long, has an incredible shape, and was $3.  I quickly discovered that it was a Henredon sofa and would be incredibly expensive (like $10,000) to buy new. SCORE!  I've already picked up fabric samples and I think I know what I'm going to use to recover it.  It's going to be good!

My pillows for our master bedroom shipped this week.  I'm crazy for the black velvet piping on this pillow.  Carol at 6 Wilson is a genius.

Have you seen these gorgeous blue Ball Jars at Target or your local grocery store?  I was so inspired by their color. No filter on this photo--they are just this beautiful.  I used them as water glasses at our dinner party, but they would be fantastic with votive candles either on a table, or to light up an outdoor party.  I can also see pale pink peonies in each one in a single line down the middle of a dining room table or wedding.  Need I say more?  Go grab a case!

Have you seen this room from The Hunted Interior?  I am obsessed with it and just so impressed with her--always.  Everything in the room was either donated or DIY'ed.  This is a must see.

Many of you emailed me asking for sources from this coed bedroom design, and my clients graciously gave me permission to share ALL of the sources with you.  I've put together an ideabook on Houzz that links you to every piece.  Happy Shopping!  Let me know if you use any of the pieces in your home. 
 I hope you're able to enjoy your long weekend!  Anyone working on home improvements?

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Have we connected?


  1. You are so busy, girl! Now I want to go buy those ball glasses ;-) Have a great weekend!

  2. I cannot believe you scored that sofa for $3!!!!!!!!!!!! I grabbed some of those blue Ball jars too.;) I'll have to try that watermelon salad. There's a watermelon salad at a restaurant called Toast on MI's east side that I LOVE. It has watermelon, basil, mozzerella & tomatoes. Sooo good. So if you're ever make it over to Birmingham, you should try it! Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. Henredon for $3?!?! That goes down as the score of the century! Have a great weekend!

  4. I still can't believe you got that couch for 3$. I don't know whether I would secretly hate you or stand up and clap for scoring the deal of all time. How about I just say yay and wait patiently for it's reveal? :)

  5. Congrats on the 1000 followers on instagram! huge accomplishment. love the coed bedroom for kids! just love!

  6. that view!! and....$3???? unbelievable.


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