considering the four chair layout + my favorite ottoman sources

I've been thinking about four chairs lately...that's totally normal, right?  ;-)

When I see this grouping it just look so relaxing and soothing to me.  Begging to be used and for good friends and family to enjoy each other's company.  I gathered a few images for inspiration.

If you're looking closely, you'll see that this is the only space where all four chairs are not identical.  I still like the look, but not quite as much as when they're the same.

I think this four chair layout is so cozy and refreshing, because you don't see it very often.  It seems like this just calls for great conversation and the perfect cup of coffee. But you'll need a fantastic round coffee table or ottoman.  I've put together a list of my favorites!  Some are pricey, some are from Overstock.  I'd encourage you to give this layout a try!  I know I'm going to present it to one of my clients soon...they just don't know it yet.

Just click on the number below to be taken to the source.
1\ 2\ 3\ 4\ 5\ 6\ 7\ 8

Would you consider this layout in your home?

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  1. Beautiful rooms! I have been eyeing the marble CB2 coffee table for ages, and it's not a bad price too.

  2. I love it! I don't think I could replace a sofa with it but if there is room for both I would totally go for it!

  3. I agree! One of my clients has a space for TV watching and space for entertaining. This could be a perfect fit.

  4. Hi Lisa-
    Yes, that CB2 table is a fantastic price. I would love it in my house but it's not large enough.

  5. I'm always drawn to this layout too! I've presented it to a few people, but no one has committed to it (yet!) Maybe it'll happen in my own piano room/library someday!

  6. Beautiful ottomans...I think we like to stretch out too much...we need sofa.

  7. so funny that you posted this...i have always! loved this layout and finally convinced two clients to do it over the past year!! now i have two more proposals with it also...i cant get enough of it!! perfect for conversations. thanks for all of the great photos:)

  8. I've always loved this furniture layout. It's so conducive to conversation. Great ottomans and tables too!

  9. I had this layout in my living room and i really liked it. I needed an office, though, so I changed it. I'm actually revealing the new office tomorrow! I do miss the four chairs sometimes, though...figures!

  10. I wanted to do this a few houses ago with a perfectly square living room. Couldn't justify doing away with a perfectly good sofa, though. Love the look - your clients are going to be excited!!

  11. I can't get that overstock wicker ottoman out of my mind - just LOVE the natural, casual vibe! Thanks for the fabulous round-up :)


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