a coed bedroom: the design plan

I've been working on a design plan for my e-design clients in DC who would like their newborn boy and toddler girl to share a room.  I was looking for something both classic and modern, but with playfulness that children could love.  There is quite a bit of color and pattern, but I think that's what makes it fun.

The large scale polka dot fabric would be the drapes, and of course each monogram would be there own.  the bedding is an organic white blanket (easily bleached when toddlers have accidents) and they can personalize their sheets to each child's interest.  

When two children share a room, I think monograms are a must.

Don't you just love these leather animal bookends?  Perfect for play time.

The rug is also a favorite item from this design.  It has so many colors that it gives them options for the future.

Finally, I like to use inexpensive art in a child's bedroom that can 
be changed with their interest.
These watercolors are whimsical while still being gender neutral.

What do you think?  
Is this a gender neutral bedroom that could grow with your kids?

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Have we connected?


  1. Love it! Completely gender neutral but full of personality. The drapes are to die, as are the beds :)

  2. Love this plan. We now have a co-ed room here :) But, I haven't started decorating it...

  3. Thanks Emily! I think you've had plenty to keep you busy. ;-) I'm looking forward to the day when you have the big reveal. hehe.

  4. Thanks Carol! The client loves the headboards too. ;-)

  5. Thanks Mary Ann! I love when you love my designs. ;-)

  6. I think this is a great plan! I follow you on instagram and your pic of this plan peeked my interest as we are planning to put our 4 yr old boy and 2 year old girl in the same room once we move to a small house in CA. I love the green and blue color scheme, and of course the monogrammed shams! Oh, and those watercolors (I would love to know where you found those)! Thanks for sharing! -Anne (www.anneworthington.blogspot.com)

  7. That artwork is just perfect and of course the polka dots are heaven. Love the color scheme too. Well done!!

  8. found you from Emily Clark's blog! I'm your newest follower! love your blog!

  9. Wowza! Love the color scheme Abby! Looks adorable!!! How did you do your board?

  10. I love the color scheme and especially love the artwork!! Great job addressing a boy/girl combo room!

  11. Sooooo love the new site, it's perfection! And let's face it, so is this board...I'm always one for pattern and color and this definitely scratches that itch (c; I definitely need to switch up some kiddos bedding...I just love the look of white and besides, should I really just *hide* the dirt??? I would much rather know it's dirty and clean it, no? (c;

  12. It's going to be an amazing room! Love the combination of colors and patterns!

  13. Where can i find a rug like this


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