living room before & after: the Alpena lake house

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I went on a quick trip to Miami to surprise my mom and it was such a treat to spend time with her, my grandmother, and cousin.  Today let's do a before and after, because I know you love those!  Who doesn't?    

There are quite a few changes to this space that you may not notice from the pictures.  We removed their dining room doors, took down strange boxes over the windows, and transformed the fireplace.  They kept most of their furniture but wanted the room to feel more finished.  It's safe to say we accomplished that!

The fireplace change was last to be done, but the impact was huge.  They tiled right over their existing stone.

See the boxes over the windows?  Not made of fabric, but since I wanted the drapes to hang outside the windows, the boxes had to go.  The shelving piece had been empty for years, and the brown chairs needed to go.

 I am always amazed by what a few changes can do for a room.  The "little things" make a big difference.  The patterned pillows in this room were made by Carol at 6 Wilson.  
She's very talented and has a fabulous Etsy store.

 The fabric just wraps the room and softens everything.  Love it.  

In closing, here are a few detail pictures:

This room is a perfect example of why should always set money aside in your budget to address your windows.  Don't skimp on this.  These beautiful drapes were made by Laura Taylor Studio.  I highly recommend her!

Their shelves finally got styled.  I tried to use most of what they already had at hand.  I kept them uncluttered.  The bottom shelves have the matching piles of paperback books with the pages facing forward. Then I took the paper covers off their hardcovered books and added a few accessories to the upper shelves.  She has since filled the frames with family photos.

Thank you for checking out this living room!  I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Thank you to my clients for allowing me to share, and for sending me the after photos!  Hugs!

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  1. Love it! I spy some of my favorite fabrics. I recently used that drapery fabric on pillows in a kitchen banquette.

  2. Beautiful work! Love the fabrics you've used.

  3. Thanks for the 6 Wilson shout out! This room turned out amazing. I think those drapes are genius with the way they wrap the room. Love love it

  4. Those curtains are just too fabulous! And just the different styling on that bookcase made all the difference in the world! It's crazy how that room went from just okay, y'know, nice but nothing to write home about...to absolutely so put together and beachy chic!

  5. You are good, girl! Still adore that fireplace and I really love the tufted chairs.

  6. Beautiful! I love all the textiles so many fab patterns in the space.

  7. Looks great! Love the fireplace surround and the drapes!!

  8. This room is gorgeous! What an improvement. And surprisingly, I love the pops of red!

  9. That fireplace is tres magnifique!! and those drapes!!


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