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Hi all!  I am up to my ears in kitchen designs, and it's so fun to see them all come together.  It's not always easy for clients to watch their kitchen look worse before it gets better; but it is always worth it in the end!  There is a lot happening this week so I combined the projects into collages to help you keep them straight.  

This #thornapple kitchen is a local client who knew she didn't want to move out of their house but could not stand their kitchen any longer.  We changed the lighting, painted all the cabinets, painted the walls, added a backsplash, hardware, moldings, and faucet.  Once everything is installed I'll do a true "before and after" post.  It's quite a difference!

This #rockfordkitchen client (I put those hashtags on here in case you'd like to follow along on instagram: abbyminteriors.) has a beautiful home!  But they have lived there nearly 10 years and they're ready for some updating.  We are leaving the wood cabinets as is, but getting new appliances, staining the floors, changing the lighting, adding a backsplash, new stone counter on the island, painting the walls and painting the island.  Oh!  And possibly new bar stools and window treatments.  :-)  Below is our color plan.  I know it may look like too much blue, but it has a grey undertone and looks very rich against all of her brown cabinets and furnishings.  

This #rockfordreno project is huuuuge. Tracy, the photographer from this post is gutting her kitchen/dining room and changing the living room. Like 12 foot island huge.  There is so much demo happening right now that I'm not even going to share pictures of that mess.  But this week we did decide on some lighting and finalized the runner for their stairs.  It's going to look fab with charcoal banding.  
Finally, #kitchenfancy got their crown molding and their gorgeous granite.  If you love the look of marble but prefer granite, I highly recommend Colonial White.  It's beautiful.  

We're still waiting for their backsplash and appliances, but they're on their way!

There are more client updates from this week, but true to the title, I'm sticking with just the kitchens.  Thank you so much for following along!  

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  1. They all look FANTASTIC already! It's hard to believe the #thornapple cabinets are the same cabinets, just painted! And I'm in love with the island pendant in the #rockford house! Great work, Abby!

  2. You are so busy! I just finished my own kitchen remodel, I can't imagine managing 3. They're all coming together beautifully :)

  3. I have a cabinet painting question-oh queen of kitchens. Does your painter hand paint the doors or spray them? and do you have the interior painted as well or just the fronts? I go back and fourth on this with my painter and just wanted to know what your guy does.

  4. Wow! These all look amazing. Tell me -- did any of the husbands argue about painting the wood cabinets? Men can be weird like that :) I'm loving what you're doing. Your clients must be soooo happy!

  5. The kitchen looks beautiful! It is still amazing to me how much a can of paint can drastically change ones space, incredible!

    xo Kylie

  6. Way to go, Abby! Each of them has personality for the family. I love it!

  7. These are all looking so amazing! I love a good kitchen makeover!

  8. So beautiful, Abby. You are creating happy homes.

  9. Up to your ears is a wonderful thing - good for you! We're getting close on securing our next house and I'm going to be itching to do a kitchen renovation, but I know I have to patient and live with it for a while before determining what we want to do. Seeing these projects of yours gets me excited.

  10. All of the kitchens are stunners but my fave is the last one. The cabinets are beautiful and simple and the counter is a great sub for marble. Cant wait to see more!

  11. These kitchens are looking beautiful! Fantastic job!

  12. I love doing kitchens because I think the changes are always dramatic. These are beautiful!

  13. I'm so in love with those cabinets. And the countertops and wall color are beautiful!

  14. Kitchen whisperer......love the granite....colonial white is awesome.....you are awesome!


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