when inspiration strikes

The beauty of knowing your personal style, and staying consistent with it throughout your home, is that you can easily move your favorite pieces around and make simple changes with big impact.

When Lulie Wallace's prints went on sale for Valentine's Day, I just *needed* to have one in our home.  I love her colors and happy designs she paints.  I dream of one day owning a large original painting from her.  Dream being the key word.  

Can you see why I was so drawn to her work?  I had the print double matted and framed.  Loved the results.  Now, where to put it?

Just to take you *way* back to two years ago, here is what our entry looked like when we walked through the house for the first time.  We loved that it was open and much more spacious than our last home.  What I changed before anything else?  I had my electrician move the light switch that was in the middle of the wall to the dining room.  This way, I knew I would be able to center art on this wall.  It's details like this that would drive me insane in the long run.  I also swapped out the flush mount light for something more me. And just for full disclosure, I'm counting down the days until we can get new flooring--everywhere.

Fast forward to us being in the home for a while.  I added wide stripes to the hallway, but kept the entry all white.  Then I hung my wood-shim mirror on the wall and loved it.

But I have since moved this mirror to our living room, over our television, and knew I wanted my Lulie Wallace print to welcome guests in our entry.  As soon as I hung the painting on our white wall, I was bored.  Clearly this wasn't the fault of the artist, but of my walls.  Commence afternoon of painting stripes in our entry. ;-)  Did I mention I hate our floors?  Just checking...

I am really happy with my decision to bring the stripes all the way around.  I thought I would be really good at having white walls, but I missed color.  Stripes were a nice compromise. Not too much color but visually interesting, and my new painting looks GREAT against the stripes.  

So of course I couldn't stop there.  I had to paint the door as well.  I chose a soft grey.  It's called Brewster Gray HC-162, to be exact.  I'm such a happy camper now. I am on the hunt for a new rug, and saying prayers at night for new floors.  Making a house your home takes time, my friends.

The blue is called Salt Glaze by Martha Stewart.  I love the pairing of that with the Brewster Gray.  Nothing too harsh.

Here's the view from our dining room.  Obviously I can't wait for Tracy Carmondy to take real pictures of the entry when I finish the living room.  Thanks for putting up with my photo taking skills!!

Now this is the view when you walk in our front door.
What do you think?  I'm getting closer to a home that reflects my personal style; well worth the wait.

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  1. Yep! The stripes look great. Perfect backdrop for your painting :)

  2. awesome updates! love those 'inspiration strikes' moments when you also have the time to jump in and tackle them :) what a warm and happy entry!

  3. Love, love Lulie and totally digging the stripes, they really do pep up that wall quite a bit! I'm just so amazed that you just jump right into these projects...I over-analyze until I talk myself out of it. Every time. (c;

  4. Looks amazing! You can never go wrong with stripes :) And the art you chose is gorgeous - it flows so well with your dining and living room!

  5. Wow. Amazing to look back! Making a home your own does take time, you are so right. Mine is taking for .ever. Lol. I LOVE what you did!!

  6. Lovely apartment....loved the open space and the sunrays coming inside...pretty cool


  7. I love that print too! It suits the style of your home so perfectly. Everything looks so soft.. great color scheme!

  8. Love the print and the stripes, especially together!

  9. I'll add your new floors to my prayer list! ;) I enjoy watching your house evolve, Abby.

  10. Love the print and the subtlety of the stripes :)

  11. Such a pretty print and I adore the stripes in the entry!

  12. I love the stripes. I have been trying to work up the courage to do that in my bathroom. For now I might just have to settle for having a wide striped shower curtain like this one: Striped Shower Curtain
    I really love the blue one. It kinda reminds me of your stripes!


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