photo shoot with Tracy Anne Photography: boys' bedrooms

The first thing someone says when they come over for the first time is that "your house looks so much different than the pictures"!  My photo taking skills are not great, and neither is my equipment.  I actually feel badly when I scroll through old posts and see the grainy shots your eyes have seen.  That's where Tracy comes in and saves the day!

Tracy was originally a client of mine.  I designed a plan for her master bedroom.  We liked each other so much we decided to form a partnership: my design service for her photo skills.  Tracy owns Tracy Anne Photography, specializing in child & family portraits, but is also experienced in weddings and interiors.  She was so easy to work with and my youngest fell in love with her!  He was literally running circles around her trying to get her attention.  :-)  I can't wait to finish our living room so Tracy can take proper photos of the space!  You can see more of her work on her Facebook page.

Today I will give you a tour through both of our boys' 'big boy' rooms.  They a mix of high & low, new & vintage, but 100% personalized.  There are little family treasures or memories tied to nearly every item in their rooms.  I think Tracy did a great job of capturing the feel of each.  Thanks Tracy!!

 You can click here to see the before photos of this room and for my list of sources.

Click here for before photos and source details.  As always, feel free to ask questions in the your comment.

HUGE thank you to Tracy Anne Photography for finally helping me represent our home and my work.  Stay tuned for more photos soon!

What do you think?  Which room would be your favorite?

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  1. It's looking so good, Abby! I really need to give more attention to my kids' rooms...

  2. abby, it looks amazing!!!! great job!!!!

  3. I LOVE how they turned out! I don't know which is my favorite but I can tell you I just love that "Landshark" surfboard!

  4. Beautiful!!!! Isnt it amazing how a photographer can capture a space & bring it to life! Great job!

  5. Beautiful! I love twin beds in boys rooms so H's room is my favorite for sure. Great work!

  6. oh my goodness - amazing photos which showcase your beautiful work!! just gorgeous all-around.

  7. Their rooms are wonderful! I have always love 2 twin beds in a room. and the colour of H's dresser is such a nice shade of green.

  8. They're both great, but I love the second one best - I think it's all the kelly green - those plaid blankets!


  9. Love them both! I'm still wanting those plaid blankets:). Great detail an that vintage light fixture is my fav:)

  10. I love the colors in both rooms
    especially H's and his green dresser/cabinet
    has the same color as the cabinet in my son's room.

  11. I love how personal these spaces are. And they are such perfect rooms to be boys in :)

  12. Your room is amazing. Its very well in order beautiful color design and looks so cozy. I really love it with your all room's stuff.

  13. As a mom of three young boys these were really inspiring! Our youngest is turning two and I want to do some work to his room as he transitions out of his crib. I'm in love with the green dresser in H's room- that color may be where I start. Question about the trim in their rooms. I see some white and some wood. Did you paint some of it? Was all the trim wood when you moved in? We have wood but have painted it in our kitchen and piano room but I'd love to paint more.

    1. Hi Kristina-
      Thanks for visiting! Actually, all of the trim was white when we bought the house except for H.'s room. I didn't feel the need to paint it because it seemed fitting for the style of his room, and the color of the wood is darker and not an orange-ish oak. Normally, I always go for the white trim. :-). Keep me posted on how your rooms turn out! Abby


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