DC e-design: before & after

Good morning, friends.  I've been really busy with clients and haven't had much time to blog, but I'm just going to jump back in because I wanted to share this e-design reveal with you.  One of the joys of my work is the ability to work with clients who live far away.  This client was actually a friend I've known since middle school who lives with her husband and daughter in D.C..  

Last April, Sara contacted me looking for help with her entry and stairway. They have a very classic DC colonial. I gave them two choices and this is the design plan they selected:

I took my color cues from what they already had in their dining room: navy and orange.

This 'before' shot gives you an idea of what colors the entry wall color before we started. It was very creamy and they weren't a fan.  Although their living room looks rather beige in this photo, it's actually grey. 

 They were unhappy with the entry wall color and light.  

If you look closely, you'll notice that they removed the railing that you see in the picture above.  I recommended they move it to the other side of the wall. I also recommended they paint the risers of the stairs white. I love when clients take my advice!  It's the little details that can really make a difference.

The sparkle from their new light looks so pretty!

The top of the stairs needed a new light and they requested a rug.  But I also wanted to create a little nook on the window seat.

We painted the wood top on the window seat white, added two designer pillows, changed the light, added the new rug, and brought the new paint color upstairs.  Color, pattern, and lighting--so important!  

Thank you, Sara, for sharing your updated space with us!  It looks beautiful.  This job was a great example of how making seemingly small changes can make a big impact!  If you are interested in working together to create a home you love, click here for more information.

What's your favorite change in this DC house?  I'd have to say splashes of color.


  1. i love it! so cozy! we have the same rug in our living room, plus lots of gray, a little more navy and aqua, and orange pops in the back of our bookcases.... so this is totally me!

  2. so awesome Abby! what a great idea to move the hand rail (im going to remember that one) Love the punch of color infused around the space.

  3. We love the changes, Abby! One other thing that we did on your recommendation was to paint the risers of the stairs white, which really brightened up the staircase.

  4. So pretty! I love seeing a good before and after:)

  5. Yes, the color! And the pattern. And you know I love a great light fixture. These small changes make all the difference!


  6. Hello! You have a very nice blog! I invite you to visit my blog and / or follow you, hope you like it frosted glass Greetings and ... congratulations!

  7. Great job! Love the colors and the star chandelier!

  8. What a great start they had with the navy and orange -- spectacular, and all made that much better by your additions. I love how you carried the colors to the top of the stairs. The lighting? Fantastic. But then, I always love what you do.

  9. I love the light fixtures! That star is great at the top of the stairs.

  10. Beautiful! Are you able to share the new upstairs paint color?


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