Introducing 6 Wilson: my favorite source for pillows + a discount

I am so excited today.  One of my dear friends, Carol, is a career interior designer and has an obsession with gorgeous textiles. This month she launched her very own shop on Etsy, 6 Wilson.  She has a large assortment of designer pillows and the quality of her work is impeccable.  Carol has scoured her fabric sources for the most beautiful pieces and now she shares them with you.  

The best part is that as her friend I'm constantly checking her store and found this pink and white dragon pillow.  I knew it was exactly what my fig leaf chair needed.  But more on this chair later...  I quickly bought this pillow cover and when it arrived yesterday I could not stop smiling!
She has one Lee Jofa dragon pillow still available.

Carol had recently sent me this cut velvet pillow cover as a gift, and I tell the truth when I say this is the most luxurious pillow I have ever owned.  It feels like silk to the touch, and look so glam on our green sofa.

I took a moment to pull together a few of my favorites from 6 Wilson to give you some ideas.
I love this look for a master bedroom. But it would be beautiful anywhere.

This feels more suited for a living room, with some pillows on the sofa and some on chairs.

Now onto more pillow eye-candy.  These are so luxurious.

The craftsmanship and details on her pillows are beautiful.  

Pattern matching?  6 Wilson has that.

I love this combination so much I can hardly stand it.  Considering changing all of my plans for our bedroom and possibly using these.  Aren't they stunning together?

Now for the best news?  Carol is generously offering all of my readers a discount to her shop.  And if y'all wouldn't mind showing her some love on her Facebook page, that would mean the world to me.  Let's support women in small business!  Especially the good ones like 6 Wilson.
Just click here to start shopping!

**Thank you for all of your comments on my dining room table.  
I'll put together a post with some painting tips.  xoxo**

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  1. Loved my two pillow covers from Carol and will definitely use her again - thank you, Abby!

  2. I am textile obsessed! If it wasn't slightly weird, I would buy and frame a piece of all my favorite fabrics. Next time I need a pillow, I will buy one from 6 Wilson for sure.

  3. I love these pillows! What a great Etsy shop! Thank you for the recommendation.

  4. Great pillows. I follow her blog and love her style!

  5. so many beautiful designs here - thanks for introducing me! LOVE (love love) the fig leaf chair + dragon combo...and yes, i definitely agree on that potential bedroom mix - gorgeous!!

  6. Hi Abby!!! Sorry I didnt get to say thank you for this post earlier, but I was traveling to a wake. But what a way to make my day! Thanks so much. And thank you for such great comments everyone! Carol@6Wilson

  7. yay! another pillow source! I am a pillow snob and believe you can't have too many pillows. Going to check out her shop!

  8. Thanks for the great resource, Abby! Feeding my addiction!

  9. I, too, seriously love that last bedroom combo with the teal velvet and lumbar pillow.

  10. I love Carol too. Have been watching all her new pillows on Instagram!!


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