Do you consider style?

I sent her a thank you text as soon as I got home from our first meeting.  She instantly wrote back that she was so excited and that she knew when she saw my outfit that I would be the right fit as their interior designer.  I was very surprised (and relieved) to hear this!

To be clear, I in no way consider myself a fashionista.  I think mostly because I either try to not spend money, or I tend to spend the money on our home...or the kids...or groceries...you know. :-)  But this comment by my new client made me wonder how many times a potential client has evaluated my outfit/style and decided if I was worth hiring.  I was, of course, instantly regretting all those trip to Target where you hope you don't see anyone you know.

How important is a designer's personal style? 
 Is this something you consider?

I am always inspired by my fellow designers and fashion seekers on Instagram.  I've tried to "step my game up", as my husband would say, and be a little more intentional.  Jill's blog is my favorite for style advice and inspiration. Just by seeing what others are wearing can inspire me to try a little harder to pull myself together.  

 If you are wondering about someone's personal style, chances are they've posted a few images on Instagram that will give you a clue before you ever meet them.  I put together this collage of photos I've added recently.  

What can you tell from these style clues?
--Details are important.
--I love greens & blues.
--I'm a pattern junkie.
--Make a statement, even if it's just with a necklace.

So I'm wondering.. Do you check out a designer's personal style before hiring them?
Does their style have to be just like yours?  Or is it more important that they just have a style?

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  1. Absolutely. In fact I have only met you recently and already think I am able to pick out shoes for you :) Trends are trends. Your personal fashion style might not be the exact same as mine but you present yourself as an "up-to date" person. When you are dressed with accessories, etc I believe it helps your own personal confidence. The more confident you carry yourself, the more willing people are to listen to your opinions. I have often wondered the same thing when I am meeting clients for the first time.

  2. I think personal style is very important. If you have an eye for design, then the way you put together an outfit will reveal a lot about your process for a room. Just my two cents! :)

  3. so interesting! it would be fascinating to know how many potential clients consider this as part of their decision in selecting a designer. i definitely think it's relevant!

  4. I guess I've never really thought of it that way before...I think I would definitely have an idea of how I thought my designer would look before they showed up, so yeah, I think if I got a chance to scope out their personal style beforehand, it would probably make a difference. GAH. How awful and shallow does that sound??? But hey, I'm not judging them as a *person*, just their ability to decorate (c;

  5. I once saw a designer at a seminar I was attending dressed in sweats and slippers, hair a fright. I was stunned that someone in home fashion would care so little about presenting her personal fashion. I do believe that we designers are marketing ourselves every time we step outthe door (I admit to bed head at the bagel shop), and that its not about the price of our outfits but that we look pulled together. It is infinitely important. I find it a struggle sometimes not to be lazy with my looks, but its worth it when you meet someone new to feel on top of your game.

  6. I just got REALLY worried about my (sad) wardrobe! I used to look great all the time and focused a lot of time and energy on my clothes, but like you said I now save my money (and time and energy) for my home, kids, groceries, etc.

    Better step up my game!

  7. I would never want someone to dress my home if they couldn't dress themselves!! Your style looks adorable with your statement pieces. I think it's just reassuring for the homeowner to see a snappy dresser-I think they just naturally go hand-in-hand :)

  8. Its funny you say that because yes I expect an interior designer to be fashionable as well! I have worked with 2 designers for my work fit out, a young girl who only ever wore black and I found her to be quite dull and didnt go with her design ideas. I then found someone else who was older and far more fashionable with statement jewellery and she had fabulous ideas that I took on board :)

  9. I think your style reflects your personality and your approach to design! Great post and reminder!

  10. Yes,a designer's style is a reflection of their business. I respond positively to designers with a confident personal style. I'm not a big fan of contrived style--one where the person looks like they tried too hard to look stylish and instead of casual and chic.


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