thanksgiving around the house

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving.  We had some family stay and family visit.  
I did all the cooking--loved it. 

 I also threw a table setting together at the last second.  I usually like to be Type A and have the table set the day before.  But this year it didn't happen.  I actually thought it turned out great.  The only new piece I bought was this tablecloth, but I know I'll use it all the time, not just for Thanksgiving.  That's why I posted the image quote above.  Between Thanksgiving and all the holidays it can be easy to get caught up in needing to spend money to make things beautiful.  I'm here to tell you that if you collect pieces you love through the years, they magically all work together.  
And don't judge--I didn't iron the napkins! ;-)

Just like the rooms I design, I always think it's a good idea to mix the old and the new.  Even with stemware!

Other than eating...all the time..we did a little reading.

Watched our favorite movie.

We visited friends.  (I can't get my son out of a hooded Spartan sweatshirt.  Any tips on that?)

I painted my yellow chair Misty Teal by Ben Moore.

We decorated gingerbread houses.  It's becoming a Thanksgiving weekend tradition.  Everyone is in their PJ's for this pic except my oldest, who is again sporting the hooded sweatshirt.  ;-)

Time is flying!  I started decorating the house for Christmas yesterday.  I'm trying my hand at  adding more paper decorations to the house this year.  I'm also doing a week of holiday posts this week.  A few of you submitted decorating questions on my Facebook page so I'll be answering those as well.  I so appreciate keeping the conversation going with you on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.  

Bring on the Season!

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  1. I want to do a gingerbread house, too! It's on our list for sometime in December. I think my daughter is just now old enough to love it.

  2. I am in love with that tablecloth and you did a beautiful job making the dining room festive! Also loved hearing about your fun weekend and the traditions. Your men look so relaxed and reading on the green couch.

  3. Everything looks great! I love your Thanksgiving table and your dining room - the colors are fabulous :)

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful thanksgiving! The table setting looked lovely :) I was a bit naughty and put my Christmas Tree up last weekend! I had a part this weekend and wanted it to look all pretty for my guests, well that was my excuse anyway :)
    Michelle @ http://jarrahjungle.blogspot.com.au/

  5. That tablecloth couldn't be more perfect for your dining room! Love the blue with the hot pink napkins - such a fun color combination. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

  6. The table looked gorgeous! Can't believe you just threw that together - looks like it was very well thought out - love all the little details!

  7. Pretty table! Love the Greek key tumblers and the tablecloth.


  8. What a cute idea having apples at each place setting!

    xo Sara

  9. Thanksgiving at your house looks beautiful - I love your fearless use of bright colour. I am so very colour shy that Thanksgiving looks very white-and-brown around here!
    It's funny, I was looking at some photos of Elliott when he was small recently. He had this spiderman pj shirt that he always wanted to wear as a regular shirt and I used to worry about it. You know, he wanted to wear it to Christmas one year and i really wanted him to wear the fancy button up I got him and it was a power struggle.
    But now that he's turning 12, I look back at that spidey shirt and tear up... because it was so him at the time. My advice is just to get on board... Go Spartans!

  10. Your house looks beautiful. Your bold use of color in the dining room is rad!
    Trust me, you'll look back one day at the fact that your son wore his Spartans sweatshirt all the time and laugh. It's just him being him. Don't worry most of us have been "there." Smile and carry on.


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