Christmas Decorating 101: front door + the unexpected

Welcome back to Christmas Decorating 101.  If you missed the first edition click here to read all about decorating your stairs and working with garland.  Also, you'll want to catch up on your must have list of decorating tools to make your life easier this season.

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This series began with some readers asking questions on Facebook.  One reader wanted ideas for her front door that did not include lights.  Although lights add a beautiful touch, not every home has an outlet.  I hope this encourages you to try something new on your front door this Christmas.

Swag with ornaments.  Beautiful.  Simple.  Probably available at your local gardening store.  In this case I would use live swag because it probably won't dry out.

Urns on the porch may be my favorite look.  I know that technically they aren't on the door, but they add so much to the entry.  Here are a few more examples.
If you decide to create your own urn please consider using different textures and products: numerous variations of greens, shatterproof ornaments created for the outdoors, and pine-cones or branches.

This is an endearing look.  So classic.  And I bet quite a few of us have ice skates in our basement that haven't seen ice for years.  Or maybe that's just me.  :-)

Use multiple wreaths.  These look like smaller scaled wreaths, such as 'candle wreaths'.  The extra wide ribbon finishes off the look. Unsure how to attach so many wreaths to your door? 
 Refer back to my "must have list."

Add a monogram!  You could actually leave this up year round and just change the accent (like the holly and bow) with the seasons.  Wouldn't citrus be beautiful with a white monogram?

Consider all five sense when decorating your entry. Why not ring those bells?  

Renee from Cottage and Vine recently made this pine-cone wreath.  I think it's just stunning, especially with her door color.  If you already have a dark door and would like more contrast, you can always spray your wreath with fake snow or white spray paint.

Peppermint candies glued to a foam wreath is a darling look.  

Don't be afraid of adding large art pieces to your front porch.

Monograms and pine-cones.  Are you seeing a trend here?

 This moss monogram would be an easy DIY, but there are also sellers on Etsy.

Double swag on the doors looks very chic.  Wondering how to attach them with the wide ribbon?  If you have a wooden door you can tack the ribbon onto the top of the door, then cut off the excess .

In this image they skipped the front door and focused on the porch as a whole.  Moving a wreath from the door to the exterior works well.                 

Before we leave the front door/porch section, I wanted to share my favorite lit entryway.  These incredible branches just give the impression a magical season.

Susan, another reader, asked for Christmas decorating ideas that were different than what she has seen everywhere.  She used the example of wreaths on a mirror as something she had seen enough.  I'm a big fan of wreaths on a mirror, (happening in my dining room) but I did find some interesting ideas for you.

Cover your books in decorative paper or felt.  
Joann fabrics has pre-cut felt pieces that would be great for this project.

Double up some cake stands and let your ornaments bring any room into the holidays.  You could even use a small pedestal of ornaments on a bathroom counter, or in a guest bedroom for all the company that comes over the holidays.

In my first post I recommended bringing the outdoors in and not neglecting your light fixtures.  Here's a great example of both.  

These snowman globes were made by Emily Henderson.  Isn't this a sweet look?  She drilled holes in all three and put them over a dowel.

Add lights to your child's bedroom.  Lights always add to the magic of Christmas.

Add small candle wreaths to the backs of your chairs.

If you have a patio door you're not using during the winter, these narrow double trees are FANTASTIC.

Kirsten, from 6th Street Design School, added these pine-cones to her bookshelves with ribbon.  They could be attached with my favorite command hooks.  

What about making a wreath out of white paper cups? :-) Did you know they make chalkboard contact paper?  You could cut out a large rectangle of contact paper and add it to your wall just for the holidays.  

Finally, don't forget about the bedroom.  It is supposed to be your sanctuary and a space you want to spend time in.  A little Christmas cheer goes a long way!

Thank you for joining me for the second edition of Christmas Decorating 101!  Did you see anything you might try yourself?  There is much more to come!  

If you are interested in working together to create a home you truly love,
click here for more information.  I can even help this Christmas.


  1. These doors are so beautiful I especially love the skates ... although Id be too scared to leave the house with them hanging on the door incase someone pinched them!

  2. What a great round-up of entry inspiration! Thanks so much for the shout-out. Loving this series!

  3. Love that turquoise door with the triple wreaths. Clear hooks are also on my must have list, I use them for garland and for stockings on my mantle. Great inspirational post!

  4. This is so great! I found you through @sniequist and am going to subscribe to you in my google reader. I love your style and ideas.

  5. So much inspiration in one POST! I have some ideas now for my pinecones!

  6. Wow Abby. Spectacular post. Every image is better than the next. Im doing my house all day today and this so got me in the mood. Outstanding!!

  7. Great inspiration! I LOVE the peppermint candy wreath, now I can't stop thinking about it.


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