5 ways to use a gold leaf pen

 Good design is in the details. 
Today I'm sharing my favorite uses for a gold leaf pen.

One tool I couldn't live without is my gold leaf pen from Krylon.  You can find it at your local hardware or craft store.  It's incredibly simple to use, dries quickly, and only cost a few dollars. This isn't an advertisement for Krylon, I just think it's important to share with you when I find products I love.  They also sell other metallic pens, so if gold doesn't make your heart sing, don't be discouraged.
When I finished this painting over my chair I knew I wanted a frame, but I didn't want it to feel heavy when you see the wall from our entry.  My solution?  Give it the look of gold without actually buying a frame by using my gold leaf pen.  Love it.

Here is our "activity table" from Pottery Barn Kids.  I painted it teal a while back but you didn't really notice the chalkboard squares on the drawers until I used my gold pen.  Isn't the difference amazing?  If my coffee table has to be toy storage, then I want to feel happy every time I look at it.
It's always great to bring the outdoors in.  I keep these branches next to our TV year round and like to switch out the filler depending on the seasons.  Last Christmas I used clementines.  This fall I have Granny Smith Apples.  Giving the branches a metallic finish just adds that extra sparkle.     

Forgive my sad photography, but at least you can see how the branches look with everything else.  And can I get some love for Friday Night Lights?  I just started watching and now I can't stop.  

I found the perfect size lamp shade for my bedroom lamps, but the shade didn't match my hardware.  Gold leaf pen to the rescue!  It was a perfect match and took about five minutes.
Remember my huge mirrors I found at my favorite resale shop?  Well our bedroom has many different metal finishes in the room.  So after spray painting the mirrors silver, I took my gold leaf pen and highlighted the edges of the mirror.  Simple change that made a huge difference.

 Have you used a gold leaf pen?  
Is this something you would try at home?  

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  1. I didn't know about this pen!!! Thanks for the tip. It looks alot easier than RubNBuff, especially in tight places. I love how you used it.
    xo Nancy

  2. Not much I love more than a gold pen or a can of gold paint...makes everything better! I can't get how fabulous your play table/coffee table is...so good!

  3. all great ideas! gold makes prety much everything better!

  4. I've never used a paint pen, but I'm thinking I've been seriously missing out on all the fun!!! Must find something to makeover now....

  5. I love both the pen in both gold and silver and it seems I am always touching them to a small project to make an astounding change!

    Art by Karena

  6. Love a gold paint pen too, Abby. Great tips, thanks for sharing!

  7. I just used a metallic pen on a project! Very handy indeed, and you're right - it's all about the details!

  8. Why haven't I run out to the store to buy one of those yet??? I just went back and looked at your green velvet sofa again. I love it. So. Much.

  9. I really love the combination of gold leaf and that teal color! It's absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Lots of great ideas! I love gold pens!

  11. Well, I LOVE gold metallic paint - I've painted so many things with Ralph Lauren Golden Candlesticks, but I would have NEVER thought to do what you've done with a gold paint pen!!! Amazing - I'm gonna have to run out and get a dozen of those pronto, thanks for cluing us in!

  12. I love the gold pen! Especially love what you did with your branches - I'm definitely doing that one!

  13. Hello,
    I'm Design Fluff and I'm a gold leaf pen addict.
    And for that reason your newest follower. So glad to find someone addicted to gold leafing everything, besides me!

  14. I love this! I had a recent bad/awkward experience with Liquid Gold Leaf, (http://goo.gl/98JZy) but I think a gold paint pen would be easier to use, so it's on the shopping list. :)

    Also, I will be trying the liquid gold leaf again. I am loving the look of little gold touches - like "dipped" table legs or feet, etc.


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