two e-design clients: Massachusetts & Michigan

I am grateful that strangers and friends trust me with their biggest investment: their home.  Please know I don't take that lightly.  That being said, it is SO exciting to watch my client's homes come together.

Here are two very different design plans I recently presented to e-design clients.  

My first clients live in Massachusetts and have been renovating their colonial home for months.  She has made amazing selections so far, and wanted my help in pulling her great room together.  She requested I work with Annie Selkie floral fabric and go from there.  She has two gorgeous wing back chairs that are being reupholstered in apple green velvet (sound familiar?) so I plugged these green chairs in as examples.

Massachusetts Great Room

This plan is for e-design clients in Northern Michigan who have invested in gorgeous linen sofas and a beautiful coffee table, but have not had time to finish the room and make it shine.  They wanted warmth, color, and an overall great place for their young family to spend their time.  The room is on the dark side, so I'm recommending more lighting and some brightness/contrast through whites and pattern.  The color blocked fabric for the drapes is divine. Wish you could see it in person!

Michigan Living Room

Which one is more your style?  Massachusetts or Michigan?
I really like them both.


  1. Love them both. Mass is more me! You are a brilliant pattern mixer. :)

  2. Both beautiful designs! I love the chairs in both rooms!

  3. They both look great Abby,; for me the 1st is favorite! Bravo!!

    2012 Artists Series

  4. I pick the first design, but both are nice!!

  5. I love them both but Michigan is my favorite & more my style!

  6. Oh wow, I love them both, but I think I'm partial to Michigan. I have one of those fabrics in my family room and I love the fabrics you paired with it. Bravo!!

  7. Love them both. I could take the Michigan plan and put it into action in my upstairs family area. :)

  8. Both are great, really nice job! I'm picking Michigan and not because I'm a native either. I love the fabric choices and those lamps and chairs!

  9. I love this room and am in the process of trying to replicate it in my own home. Could you tell me what style of coffee table this client has or what you would reccommend? And did you use a rug, if so what style? Love the whole layout!!

    1. Hi- I wasn't able to reply via e-mail so I hope you check this! They have a large square grey-washed wood coffee table from restoration hardware. Their rug is a solid cream shag. Good luck!


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