succulent place cards DIY

I was a chalk board paint virgin up until two weeks ago.  Can you believe that?  
These DIY place cards are so simple that they were worth buying the chalk board paint!

I was having four friends over for a week night dinner party to help test a recipe and I wanted to make it special. I met two of these ladies at a blogger meet-up, and now I'm SO GLAD I went.  Jill and Melody are awesome women.  It's a relief to have some blogger friends in my real life!  I decided to mix my friends Marta and Kristen with my new blogger friends.  I think it went well!  ;-)

It's not easy getting out of the house on a week night, especially after you've worked all day.  It's even more difficult if you're leaving kids.  So if my friends can put out the effort to come over then I can make the table special.  

(If you follow me on Instagram (adelightfuldesign) then you're already up to speed on this project.)

I was in Home Depot looking for Mums for our porch when I spied these tiny succulents.  The word on the street is that they are difficult plants to kill. Perfect.  I love the textures and the colors.  So interesting.  I just thought they'd make the fantastic place cards for my table.  
How?  Chalk board paint.


You can buy the small can of paint near the Rust-oleum spray paint.  I grabbed leftover paint from our dining room walls for the top portion of the pots.  They only needed one coat of chalkboard paint and this stuff dries fast!  The whole project took maybe 10 minutes.  I promise I don't have too much time on my hands!

Veering off topic: I always love grocery store flowers for a dinner party.  The key is to buy more than they give you in one package.  This was four bundles of flowers.  (two white and two pink)  Carnations won't look cheap if you do them in mass quantities or make them look special by mixing textures.

Back to the place cards...
This photo was taken before I had written their names on the pots, but I loved the color and texture they added to the table.

I really don't have any detailed instructions.  Just paint the pots with a smaller brush and call it a day!  Very simple!  These would also make great wedding favors.

list of materials:
*one succulent for every guest
*mini terracotta pots
*chalk board paint
*paint from your dining room walls, or any color you love
*small paint brush

Is this a project you might try?  What do you think?

If you'd like to see some before and after shots of our dining room, click here.

If you'd like to read more on entertaining click here and here.


  1. I want to come to your house for dinner! They are adorable:)

  2. Such a great idea! (Are your plates Martha Stewart? We have some that look very similar!)

  3. Such a cute idea! Then guests have something to take home with them!

  4. Such cute place cards! And so sweet to have a formal-ish dinner with girlfriends! :)

  5. I'm thinking of Christams with this one -- tiny mini aborvite shrubs in those pots with red or green rims -- I'd love those on my dinner table!!

  6. So cute Abby. I am also a chalkboard paint virgin. I bought some several months ago and have yet to use it! I agree with Carol, this would be perfect for Christmas.


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