mixing high and low: our guest room

Happy Friday!  Thank you for your sweet comments on the hallway remodel.  You're the best.

I've been working on updating our new house.  (Can I really keep calling it new when it has been over a year since we moved?)  We have guests constantly.  A guest room is a necessity for us and needed some major attention.  I thought I'd share how mixing high-ish (let's be honest, everyone's perspective of high is different) and low materials together can really make a HUGE change in a room.  

Here is what our guest room looked like the day we moved in.  Eh.  Let's not talk about it.  Every piece of furniture was inherited from my Grandmother.  It's difficult to tell in the picture, but the headboard was a brown wood, and the dresser and chair were maple.  I wasn't crazy about the wall color, but it wasn't offensive.  I picked up that quilt right before we moved in but didn't have a real plan for the room.  

First, I painted the headboard a soft, flat gray.  It was a huge change for the better.  The dresser is being used as a desk in my son's room/closet and I gifted the quilt to a cousin.  Then I found two of these nightstands on Craiglist for $25 a piece.  They were antiques and made right here in Grand Rapids from a fancy furniture company.  I was crazy about the shape cut outs on the side, but they were in horrible condition and smelled like smoke.  Yuck!

I painted them high gloss black and used a gold-leaf pen on the hardware.  I found the two lamps at a resale shops a few years ago and just decided to spray them brass.

This mirror was a $20 find.  Notice that basically everything is on the low side.  

I prefer to spend my money on fabrics.  They make or break the room.  They can make your less expensive goods look even better.

I love how the shape of the nightstands mirrors the pattern on the Betwixt fabric.  

There you have it.  I realize it's not a super exciting post, but with a little creativity and willingness to hunt for great pieces, you can make any room look fab on a budget.  

You can find pillows with these fabrics all over Etsy.  Specifically, you can find the blue pillow covers here and the gray betwixt pillow covers here.  Tip: If you'd like a long, lumbar pillow for your bed or sofa, just find a pillow you love on Etsy and ask the seller to sew you one in a 14" by 36".  They are more than happy to accommodate your custom order!  

Once the room is totally finished I plan to have it photographed by someone more capable than myself! So just hang with me.  Thanks!!  Enjoy your weekend. xo


  1. i love the paint on the walls & ceiling!

  2. Completely agree about the fabric splurge - a great fabric can make a space! Those end tables are really cute and I would have snapped them up in a second!


  3. It looks beautiful, Abby! Love the way you painted the room especially :)

  4. It looks gorgeous Abby and betwixt is one of my favorite fabrics...love it all!!

  5. Looks lovely now! And I so agree with you on splurging on fabrics.

  6. It looks beautiful Abby! I almost forgot to send you the pictures. Look for them today :).

    Happy weekend!

  7. I love love love that coral ceiling paint. It looks great going down the wall as well!

  8. What a great update! It looks so pretty - I'd love to be a guest :)

  9. You did an awesome job with this transformation! I especially love the way the Betwixt pillow ties in with the nightstands. The ceiling paint is neat, too.

  10. wow, abby! it looks amazing! i love the transformation of the nightstands and what you did with the ceiling/upper wall to draw the eye up.... looks awesome!

  11. Great room! I love the table design and pillow fabric, too. The coral ceiling is amazing! Look out--you are going to have your guests stay longer.

  12. This is one of my favorite of your rooms. Love your tip about more expensive fabrics. You're so right :)

  13. What an inviting guest room Abby! A couple of custom sewn pieces make all the difference!

  14. That ceiling color really makes the room...I love those end tables also! It looks so much more than what it cost :)


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