hallway before and after: the cottage project

Good morning!  It has a been a while since I shared any updates on The Cottage Project but there is progress.  I named this the cottage project because my client, Sheri, refers to this house as a cottage.  But really, it is her dream home on a beautiful river.  This will be her forever home.  She is restoring this falling-apart-home to something even beautiful.

Today I'm sharing the hallway.
This is a space I am very proud of, and an example of what can happen when you trust your designer.  (Thank you Sheri!)

Here is the hallway the first day I came over.  This old house has plaster walls.

They were crumbling and in horrible shape.

Her brother did a fantastic job of adding the boards and beadboard on the ceiling.  You can see her bedroom at the end of the hall, but it's all crazy in the picture because the room is mostly storage right now.

Here is the hallway now.
I could move into this hallway.  Sheri said she wouldn't mind. :-)

What do you think? 
 Is this something you would try?


  1. I would definitely try this! This was the perfect solution for this space and it feels like a warm cottage with the beadboard and new walls! Amazing- great work! :)

  2. It's beautiful, Abby! So glad she trusted you on this one.

  3. What a fabulous way to fix those crumbling walls and retain the "cottage character" of the place. Spot on Ms. Trusted Designer!

  4. what a great, creative solution! beautiful!!

  5. Absolutely Stunning Abby! You have done a fabulous job on her home! :)

  6. It's stunning! I bet your client is thrilled.

  7. Looks amazing! It really adds some architectural elements to the hallway.



  8. No way is that the same house! It definately adds character to the hallway yes Id do it if it suited the style of the home which this definately does :)

  9. Absolutely so gorgeous! The texture and visual interest that the boarding gives it is perfection...and oh my heavens, IN LOVE with the outside color scheme! If you're moving in to the hallway, I'm camping out in the front yard (c;

  10. What an amazing change! I love the paneling and the shape of the the barrel ceiling! Great job!

  11. WOW that is really amazing. She trusts you because clearly you are a trustworthy designer! I almost wouldn't want to hang a thing on the walls. Am putting this in my files for making a pass through hallway something very interesting indeed...

  12. I'm in awe! It looks so amazing. I would never have considered the boarding. Excellent idea and execution~!

  13. gorgeous! I just love it! I am currently doing this look in the kitchen of a rehab that dh and I are doing. He of course is one of those that does NOT trust his designer - ha!

    quick question - what kind of boards did you use and how did he trim the corner? Did he miter the boards some how? this is our first time doing it and am unsure of how best to trim out things. Thanks so much!

    christy :)

  14. Holy gorgeous hallway....Put my bed right in there!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous! I would totally do this if had an amazing hallway like this! It truly is stunning...


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