creating your home office: the cottage project

Needing a home office is becoming more and more common.   These offices are both relaxing and beautiful.

This board was created for the office of The Cottage Project.  At first glance it may appear overly simple.  But this small room needed some high function.  I decided to float the desk and add a separate work area with sconces and filing cabinets.  By floating the desk we keep her focus on the huge wall of windows facing the river.  Using the beautiful zebra chair helps add interest as soon as you walk in the room, because you see the back of the chair.

Do not be afraid to use furniture for a new purpose.  For example, I used two "vanities" pushed together for her work space.
This "dining room table" makes a great desk.

I am obsessed with the metal details.

Isn't she a beauty?  Incredibly comfortable. It will also look great in her dining room if she needs extra seating at the head of the table.

When shopping for your home office don't feel locked into searching for a desk, office chair, and credenza.  There are so many other options and they may stretch your dollar and look much more beautiful.


  1. I love that idea of floating the table as a desk, and the metal and wood contrasting the soft colors in the room. Such a pretty mood board!

  2. Gorgeous mood board, Abby! I always love your ideas! The chair is my absolute favorite.

  3. Love the pictures! Office space is so difficult to design because it is so personal. My opinions shift like the wind for designing my own office. Yet ever one else seems to have it perfectly figured out. Fabulous mood board!

  4. i agree and am such an advocate for mixing up the furniture. i'm in the very beginning stages of planning our home office and am loving all of the inspiration photos above - lots of great storage ideas too!

  5. Great tips -- love all those lovely offices!

  6. Looks great, Abby, but I must say I'm coveting the view you describe out the window!! I adore the chair and table. You have to know that my favorite of the office images is the one with the toile walls.

  7. Great post and design board! I just used that same World market chair for a client. it is definitely a show stopper! :)

  8. That table is gorgeous! I love the details on it :) Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love the orange metal chair! Do you know where it's from and where I can get one? Thanks!


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