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Hello friends!  Are you ready for your Monday?  We had a fast weekend full of house guests and football games.  

Today I'm sharing a master bedroom e-design plan for a client in New Hampshire.  They recently bought a large home but like most of us, have put their bedroom last.  They wanted a coastal, relaxing bedroom that felt like a retreat.  She referenced the color of the RELAX wine.  They were also willing to add beadboard or some type of millwork to their bedroom.

Here is my vision: a mostly white room with vertical wide planked walls, white walls and all white bedding with just hints of cobalt blue.  There's plenty of texture and natural elements.  

Here is what the room looks like now.  She asked to keep all of the furniture they have.  But the whole TV situation wasn't working for me.  There needed to be a better solution to hide all the cords, and components.

The dresser wall: this is the first spot you see when you walk in the door or walk past the room.
-replace the mirror with a gorgeous abstract
-change the flushmount light
-add a lamp
-teakwood bowls to hold jewelry and trinkets
-a beautiful large scale vase

Remember the TV wall?  I'd like to see it framed in with distressed wood.  (tutorial here)  Then, add this shoe cabinet underneath to hide cords.  
If you want a relaxing bedroom, you must eliminate visual chaos.

I would like to see large vertical mirrors above each night stand.  Deep cobalt velvet pillows with a more textured pillow helps the room feel more sexy and natural/beachy.  Again, the bedding stays all white.

Here it is all put together.

I hope you love it!

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  1. Love your plans- perfect for coastal chic!

  2. Okay, so I know I say this to you quite often, but it's true: your clients are incredibly lucky. If your readers were to surf blogs looking for other designer's boards to compare them to yours, it would be obvious to everyone how comprehensive you are when you work on a space. You think of everything, which in my mind is the sign of a really good decorator. You give your clients thoughtful, well planned design. Do I sound like a high and mighty critic? That is sooo not my intention. I've just doing this a long time, and you are incredibly talented, and it needs to be said! Again. :-) xx

  3. Awesome - a NH design! My home state! Beautiful, I love those colors! And LOVE the wood surround for the tv. Did you put the mirror in another spot or making her walk to the bathroom? Or are the 2 new mirrors tall enough to look into? I could stare at the painting all day and night....


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