stairway makeover

Good morning!  I'm back to share more progress from my local clients.  
Let's check out the makeover of their stairs.

The progress:

I am a big believer that if your home isn't working for you--PAINT IT!  The wood color of the trim and railing at this client's home was outdated, and the orange color is very bossy.  It makes the whole home feel more country and dictates what style and colors they may use. 

The before:

Here's what I recommended:
--rip up the carpet
--paint all the trim and moldings white
--stain the railing and the tops of the banister
--the treads will be dark
--the risers will get painted white
--adding an indoor/outdoor runner 

They are nearly done!  The actual steps are being worked on this weekend.  We are also talking about adding a bench along the back wall of the landing, almost like a window seat.  This would hold all of their children's books and give them a special reading nook.

Love that light?  They hate it, so it's out of here.  The new chandelier has been shipped!

This chandelier will replace what is currently hanging in their entry.  

This light will replace their small ceiling light in the hallway above the stairs.

The treads of the stairs will be dark, but the risers are getting painted white.  Then we are adding graphic runner from Dash and Albert.  This example gives you a good idea of what their stairs will look like when finished.

It feels so much brighter and current.  A major bang for your buck.  What do you think?  If you missed the progress on their bedrooms, click here.
If you'd like to see another stairway transformation I did for local clients, click here.


  1. This looks awesome! Great advice for updating the orangey wood stairs and making this an entrance to remember :)

  2. Amazing transformation! This is what I wanted to do in our old house but I took the more drastic approach and moved (:

  3. What a difference already!! I did the same thing to my stairs and it changed the whole feel of the house. Good riddance orange woodwork!

  4. What a difference...look great and can't wait to see with runner!

  5. Hands DOWN a brilliant decision! Seriously, whoever it was that decided that orangey wood should go up in every house in the 80's and 90's has some 'splainin' to do (c: That runner is going to be *BOMB*!

  6. You KNOW I love that!!! Is that a dark stain on the railing or black paint? Either way, it looks stunning.

  7. HUGE improvement! We did a similar makeover to our stairs earlier this year. Love the light fixtures you've chosen. Looks great :)

  8. Just posted an update of our living room! (:

  9. Love it, such a tranformation! I would love to do something similar but what do you suggest when you have carpet on the stairs and it goes on up into a loft area and bedrooms and they are all connected by that same carpet? I would love to do a runner of some type and take the carpet off the stairs but how would I transition it upstairs?


  10. You hit it just right...classic with the black and white. Love the Dash and Albert runner also!


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