J.'s big boy room: the plan

Hi all! Thank you for your comments on H.'s big boy room! 
 It's a relief to have one room finished in our home.

My oldest son is seven.  He is not of big fan of change, especially when it comes to design. But once we found inspiring art, he was ready to go!  

This is the design board for J.'s big boy room.  The wall color is Brewster Gray and the ceiling color is Fountain Spout, both by Benjamin Moore.  If I had to describe his room, I would call it 'beachy masculine'.  That's a look, right? :-)

Let me explain...
Here's where we started.  I added this light before anything else.  (Noticing a trend?  I love to start with lighting.)  None of the rooms in our house had ceiling lights so that was a first step when we moved in.  He had the trundle bed and that is staying.

When I showed J. these painted signs from Rebel.reclaimed, he LOVED them. They were fantastic with his light and my jumping-off point. We ordered more, each with cities and places of significance to him.

I found this plaid material at JoAnn's and my MIL added red stitching to the edges to create a blanket.  The pinstripe herringbone is my favorite.  I can not express to you the quality of this simple blanket from L.L. Bean.  I was so impressed when it arrived.

Here's a visual:

I could not find a dark charcoal kid's room that I liked.  But here are a few dark rooms that strike my fancy.
You can find all of them here.

This room is probably the closest to what I'm envisioning.  I love it.

Nearly everything is already in the room, except the dolphin pull-down chart.  All that is left is to paint! Here's hoping I can tackle the walls and ceiling this week!  If you never had a chance to read my philosophy on big kid rooms, you may want to do that now. 


  1. I love, love, love the dolphin pull down chart. I've had my eye on that for a while. His room's going to be precious!

  2. Your boys are crazy lucky. J's room looks fantastic, and so personal with the signs over the bed. I love that you put their personalities all over the place, interpreted in beautiful and functional design. Dying to see that wall and ceiling color done!!

  3. Love seeing the curtains hung!!! It certainly
    completes the room.
    Love, Shirl

  4. Awesome! I love 'beachy masculine'! I can't wait to see the charcoal paint, and I'm obsessed with those signs! They are so perfect for a boys room!

  5. Love the look you're working on for your son's room! It's going to be great! Can't wait to see the painted walls :)

  6. It's going to look awesome - I love those signs!


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