before and after: H.'s big boy room

The first room in our house is finally complete!  Yes, it took me eight months to finish installation of all the pieces, but I'm thrilled with the finished design. This is H.'s big boy room.  It's preppy.  It's vintage.  It's farmhouse.  It's classic with a slightly modern twist.  Really, it's everything we love.  

The last pieces to be installed were these spectacular drapes.  The fabric is designed by Maggie Revel Mielczarek of Leland gal.  Her fabric truly pulled my vision together and made the room sing.  Please visit her site to see more of her beautiful patterns and creations!  She is an amazing up and coming talent.

The room was already blue from the previous owner.  
When we moved in, I knew it would only be his nursery for a few months, so I never really did anything except plop his furniture into the space. Underwhelming, I know!

First, I painted all the walls Nimbus Gray by Benjamin Moore.

Strangely enough, the very first piece I purchased for the room was this vintage drum shade from the Allegan County Antiques market.  I had a local lighting store turn it into a pendant, and it's great!  

Here's a slew of not-so-perfect pictures, but I hope to have the room 
photographed by a pro some day soon.

H. is a big fan of his gallery wall.  The barn, on the far left, is a photograph of a barn from my family on my dad's side.  The two ship pictures and the mother/son painting are all from 29th Street Antiques.  The green truck is another photograph, and I found it from Maleah Torney.  The "H" is from JoAnn Fabrics, spray painted green.

The green dresser was my husband's dresser from his childhood.  I painted it green and added the brass hardware.  I like keeping the sentimental pieces while still making them our own.

Dang, I love that fabric! :-)

Everyone was skeptical of the brass beds--especially my husband.  But they work great in the room and I won over all my skeptics.  Plus, they were a steal on Amazon, just click here for the source.

This painting is also from the Allegan County Antiques Market.  Again, a steal.
And a few details:

H. loves his room!  I hope you do too.

If you'd like to work together creating a space you absolutely love, 
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  1. I love the twin beds and blankets on the end. Too cute!

  2. I absolutely love this room, Abby! Love the brass, the fabric, the light fixture, the art grouping, your color scheme, the vintage touches - should I go on? Wonderful :)

  3. He is adorable! And, so is the room. Doesn't it feel great to have a space "finished?" :)

  4. The room looks really great, Abby. My favorites are the dresser makeover (the pulls are amazing) and that drum pendant. So unique and gorgeous!

  5. Classic and beautiful, Abby. I love the simplicity of the single pieces of art over the beds. Great work, friend!

  6. What a great big boys room!! Love all the details and how you kept it more on the mature/masculine side!

  7. H. is too cute in his new room. The light fixture is amazaing--aren't you smart. Love that the drapes are the inspiration. You made so many great choices from the art to repainting the chest. Wonderful!

  8. I like the room and especially the curtains but I love the boy and his cars the most.

  9. It looks AWESOME! I'm in love with that fabric too and I'm totally digging the brass beds. You knocked this one out of the park!

  10. I love the old world charm in this room, you have done a great job bringing it all together right down to the gallery wall art and letter H. I bet he loves it :)

  11. It's perfect Abby! That green dresser is awesome and love love love the old Hardy Boys books. Perfect with the theme you've got going on in there!

  12. Love the vintage and the modern, the pattern play, the classic roots of this room. Timeless and fresh. You have talent girl. And you know what? If this room were photographed professionally, it would be right up there with the images of any designer you can name. You simply rock.

  13. I love this room so, so much!!! You did such a fabulous job...love the green, and the vintage and the fabrics!! All of it! great job, mama!

  14. Love how it all came together! It's such a cute space!

  15. It's almost as adorable as Holden himself...love the colors!!

  16. o my goodness you completely transferred it! what a lucky little mom to have a mom that is such a talented designer :D beautiful job! Hugs from California! xx,
    The Golden Girls

  17. GREAT POST:)
    Your blog is so wonderful and Im following...I hope you follow me also:)

    If you want some cute work inspiration...check out my blog

    Have a great week dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

  18. You are so right, those curtains are the cherry on top! That fabric is totally amazing...it really makes the room feel modern and quirky...so fun! And as long as the "client" is happy, you really can't go wrong (c;

  19. Abby, this room is amazing! The drapes are perfection... I already loved the glimpses of the room before, but seeing it all finished with the drapes is fantastic!

  20. LOVE. THIS. ROOM. !!!! I'm working on my son's room right now, and I'm hunting for a tartan plaid blanket, and I just scored a green campaign desk. So, this room is right up my alley! Great job!! Love the gallery wall, too.

  21. I want that room...love how it all came together Abby. It is great for a boy and will be easy to grow into! You rocked it!

  22. Ahhhh, it's beautiful! I love the green dresser and the brass handles. Great job!


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