an update and what I can do with $35

Hi all!  Did you enjoy your weekend?  We had company who loves to shop the re-sale shops, so I had a great time. :-)  I made some major progress on J.'s big boy room.  We are well on our way to his "beachy masculine" bedroom.  J. was gone all last week, and I wanted to surprise him with his new room when he came home.  Honestly, he was SO happy with his room's new look that I got teary-eyed.  He loves it.  And he never cares about design. Now I'm even more motivated to finish everything about the room.

Here's what I did:
First, I painted the ceiling and walls.  What a change!  The room feels cozy and warm and sophisticated.  

Just in case you don't remember what it looked like before.  See below.

This gorgeous watercolor on canvas arrived.  I promise to take a better picture of it when it's truly installed in his room.  I'm crazy for it.

And now for the $35 portion of this post...
J. only had one nightstand and no lamps that I actually liked.  While my cousin was here we hit quite a few re-sale shops.  And man, did I score some amazing finds!

First up, this nightstand.  What drew me to it was the bamboo moldings and hardware.  Very vintage.  I sprayed it white.
Cost? $8

Then, I found two lamps that each had a great shape and would work well in his room.
When you are shopping re-sale, you're not looking for perfect.  Look for shape, proportion, and style.

Each lamp was under $10, and I spent a few more dollars on spray paint.  Voila!  

I like symmetry in a bedroom.  Your lamps and nightstands do not need to be identical.  But some element of them should be the same.  (In my opinion.)  Even though these lamps are not the same shape, now that they are the same COLOR, they will work great.  His nightstands are also different, but the same color.  Symmetry in the bedroom helps you relax.  But it's not a hard and fast rule.

Now I'm going to share this picture of J.'s bedroom before we bought the house.  This is how the room looked when the previous owners lived here.  I only share this because I think it's valuable to see how different the same room can look--just with design.  
We did add a ceiling light, but other than that, no major changes.

previous owners:

after the ceiling light:

current look:

There you have the progress shot.  It was taken at night, so all the lights are on--which is a blogging no-no, but I'm not good at waiting to share my progress. :-)
 Isn't it wild how different a room can look?

I have a long way to go...

I hope you enjoyed the update! 
 Don't be afraid to hit the re-sale shops near you. 
You never know what you'll find.

Back to work!
  The weekend was for my house but the week is for my clients.  If you're waiting, I'm still here and working!


  1. The lamps look great! Love the nightstand--it has great style and was a wonderful bargain.

  2. I love the lamps too! I did the same thing for a client's bedroom this weekend- hated the antique brass look but there were heavy/substantial so out came the primer and paint- lovely white now with Pottery Barn textured linen shades- what a difference!

  3. I just love yellow accents lately, and your lamps are perfect in there!


  4. Man oh man you have lucky boys. I know I've said that before! The lamps are perfect, and I'm loving that bamboo night stand. J must be so happy with his cool new space.

  5. i love it, abby! i love the bright pops of color!

  6. It looks great! The colors are perfect and nice tip on the lamps :-)

  7. Love it all--those signs on the wall make a huge impact!


  8. Wow. The before was quite blue. I kinda had to squint to look at it. Im just loving the new wall and ceiling color. Beautiful! What a lucky little boy!

  9. I forgot to ask . What kind of spray paint did you use on the nightstand?

    1. I used Krylon's high gloss in white. I plan to add a coat of varnish to the top for extra protection.

  10. Dang lady, you can stretch a dollar! That is crazy great for $35 buckaroos...and the whole room is turning out adorable! I can't wait to see it with that awesome watercolor up and running...

  11. It has been too long since my last op shopping adventure I must hit them up soon :) Love those yellow lamps you have done a great job the room looks so bright and happy just as kids rooms should be x

  12. It's looking great!! Love everything you've done so far!

  13. Wow, I really love it much more now. I especially love the tip about when you're buying used things it doesn't have to be perfect, you just need to look at the shape and size. So true!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Love the entire room

    -Jordan :)


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