A patterned sofa? Yes, please.

 I'm considering a patterned sofa.

The more I think about a sofa with a pattern in our living room, the more I think it's the way to go.
Yes, I know it's a bit trendy right now.  But I also don't care. ;-)  Everyone thought I was totally crazy (10 years ago) when I bought a yellow sofa.  I'm still not sick of it.

So why don't I keep our yellow sofa with green piping?  
Let me count the ways.  

1) It's literally coming apart at the seams.
2) It has gotten so gross (and yes, we have had it cleaned) that I'm actually embarrassed to have people over.
3) The green piping has faded so much that it looks dirty beige.
4) It's literally coming apart at the seams.  Oh, did I already mention that?  
I was originally thinking of another white slipcovered sofa because I LOVE a slipcover for a family with boys, but I'm nervous that I will miss my bold sofa.  I don't necessarily want another yellow sofa, so a pattern just seems like the natural fit.

Here are a few more examples I loved:

especially this fig leaf pattern:

If all else fails, I could always go with leopard print.

But truly, I'm thinking a botanical, leafy green, would be great.  

Here is a more affordable version.  I'm ordering a sample...

You can find the fabric here.
All of these images found here.

Do you think I've lost my mind?  Or would you go for the pattern?  My mind is made-up, but I am always curious what you would be willing to try in your own home.


  1. I would go for it in a heartbeat! I have always adored them and I am so glad to see the design world bringing them back. I'd do one for myself in a second and it would probably be a muted leopard.

  2. Go for it! You only live once and I say statement pieces are always better than playing it safe :-)

  3. Go for it! I have a very conservative husband that pooh-pooh's my more creative attempts at decorating. I'm sending a threadbare sofa to be recovered but it won't be a dramatic statement like your cool pixs!

  4. When I was a teenager, my aunt and uncle had a pair of oversized sofas in their sunroom with a huge banana leaf pattern on them--I STILL covet those sofas! And honesly, I sometimes regret purchasing a loveseat WITHOUT a pattern (to go with a solid couch and solid chair.) I shied away because I had a bold pattern on my rug--but the rug was purchased on sale with amex points so no cash was involved, so I should have invested in the upholstery!

    Do you have a Lee rep there? Their pieces are great, affordable (especially with designer pricing), and come in tons of fabrics--and COM is reasonable, too.

  5. I have always loved patterned sofas. I think one would look great in your room!

  6. I love the examples you've shown - so pretty!
    I like a patterned sofa, just not in my house - I had a patterned sofa for years and grew tired of it so quickly but had to live with it since it was a big investment. I realized that committing to a pattern for me isn't a great idea since I like to change things up often and love the flexibility a solid sofa provides. :)

  7. Love the fig leaf patterns! Gorgeous! I hope you go for it!

  8. love the idea of a patterned sofa! and i will always adore that wisteria loveseat - kills me every time i see it! awesome leafy patterns you're considering -- also remind me a lot of this fabric which has been popping up a lot around the blogosphere lately (with light and dark colorways available): http://www.fabric.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductID=849e9d85-33ff-43a0-b3a5-89f0e53235d9

  9. Do it I got a solid and regret it. Love the red one oh love them all


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