my original painting & a "coastal chic" design board

Welcome back to your week!  How was your weekend?  I worked a lot and played a lot with the kids.  It was one of those super hot weekends, and while my husband worked in the yard I was either cooking or finishing a painting.  This is actually the third painting I've done.  I definitely have a certain style to my paintings but they are all different. 

 I tried painting the first time out of necessity: I couldn't find any art for my clients that fit their budget so I made one myself.  

It still needs to be framed because it looks too small for the space, but you can read more about it here.

Then I thought I would make one for our own house.  First, it went in our entry.  

But I like it better in our living room.  I'm going to add two more to this wall so there are three in a row.  Right now the proportions are all off.

This weekend I made this painting inspired by waves:

A few close-ups:

I threw it on the wall just to take a picture for my friend so she could get a better idea of the size and how it looked from a distance.

I'm recommending she frame it in gold.  So I put together a "coast chic" design board just for fun.  You can click here to see all the sources.  Just scroll down, click on an item, and click "shop it".

If you've ever considered painting I would 
really encourage you to try!


  1. I absolutely adore the new print and the room that you designed around it! You can add artist to your list of talents (:

  2. Girl! You are so talented. This is a great idea, especially if you're looking for specific colors. Those canvases are always on sale at Joann!

  3. I love your board, Abby. I'm thinking about trying a watercolor for my family room. I have a big old vintage gold frame and I could never afford to have a piece made or find one big enough to fill the frame. Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. Amazing! I am thinking of doing my own art for an empty space on the wall in our master bedroom. For you, I see an etsy shop! :) great job!

  5. I love it!!! Painting on canvas can be intimidating, but you rocked it : )


  6. Love the mood board! It's so peaceful feeling but fun and colorful at the same time!


  7. Love your paintings! They look fabulous! You are awesome!

  8. Great idea for when you can't find just the "right" piece of art for a room!

  9. Great board! The painting looks great on it. I need to try doing that.

  10. What a pretty painting! I love it! And I love the design a lot!

  11. beautiful, as always Abby!! I'm enjoying catching up on your posts! :) (I'm back from oblivion!) have a wonderful day!! -Tracie

  12. I think your paintings are so pretty and I like how you transitioned it into a design board too. I still haven't had a chance to try some painting on my own but one of these days I will.

  13. Your painting is fantastic, you have some lucky clients :)


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