hanging pendants over the nightstand

Lighting is an incredibly important element to the design of your home.  That's not code for saying it must be expensive, but if your lighting choices don't work, it can ruin the rest of your space.  Don't ignore the lighting in your home!  

That being said, yesterday my cottage client and I went shopping for a few hours to look for a chandelier in her dining room.  Along the way we found some awesome pieces! 
{If you follow me on Facebook then you saw that amazing green pendant.}  We found two pendants to hang over the nightstands in her guest room.  Using a pendant instead of a lamp is a great option for a small space.  This works with all different styles.  Check it out!

Here's what we're thinking.  Just imagine it spray painted in a color. 
 I think they are perfect!

Have you used a hanging pendant over your nightstand? 
 If your space is small, or if you're just looking to add a bit more style to your room, 
this is a great option for you!


  1. Very cool find! I love the look of pendants over bedside tables. It's going to happen in my bedroom (if I ever get around to decorating it!)

  2. Hey Abby! You always come up with the most interesting ideas! I really like the pendants! So hmm.... another way for me to market my kids lights! Thanks! :)
    Scrolling down - I vote for chili pepper, bright green door (dark grn no) and "younger" big boy rooms - guess my time frame of 5yrs is off! btw, I saw the green light on FB and yes, wow! Have a great weekend! Nan

  3. I hope your client uses those. I think they're amazing. I totally agree with you about lighting. I would love to change every one of my fixtures!


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