a week in the life...{client updates}

How is your weekend?  I've had a busy week and the weekend is looking just as busy.  When someone asks what I do, I find most of the time they don't really know what that entails on a weekly basis.  I think that's probably true for most jobs.  So today I'm sharing a week in the life of this decorator.  If you like it, maybe I'll turn it into a series.  

_____________________Antiquing in Grand Rapids___________________

A big part of my job is knowing what's out there.  In the stores.  On the web.  If there is the perfect piece for a room at a local store, I should know.  I like to keep it local if I can!  :-)
You know I wanted these chairs for myself...
I'd take this bar cart as well, minus the snoopy characters.  It was in great shape.

I've had my eye on these posters for almost a year.  They're over $100/piece and I'm just not willing to shell out that kind of cash.  

Someone should buy this bed!  (Marta)  It was in great shape and would look darling in a little girl's room.

For some reason I fell hard for these horse racing paintings.  
If you're local, these items can all be found at 29th Street Antiques.

_____________________E-design: Portland Clients____________________

Now that their living room is undergoing changes, we are moving on to my Portland client's son's room, their stairway, and the dining room.  

I found this beautiful fabric to use as roman shades in the bedroom of their 4 year old son.  I love it!

We're using this wallpaper on the upper portion of their dining room walls.  It's made by Echo Designs.

We're doing a floor to ceiling gallery wall on the landing of their stairs.  Inspired by this:

_________________Local Client: The Cottage Project_______________

There are many details moving forward with the cottage project.  This is her master bathroom.  The paint color is stunning in person.  It has quickly become a new favorite.

Here is the paint color next to her vanity.  Check it out.  Use it somewhere.  Silver Gray 2131-60 is gorgeous.  It would be perfect in a large, open space like a 2-story entry or great room.
The chandelier is up in her living room!  There was a moment when I thought she might request a ceiling fan for this space, but I think you'll agree that a chandelier was the right choice!  We're both really happy with it.

The marble is installed on her hearth.  I think it's beautiful.  
The walls haven't been painted, the wood floor is covered with paper, but I hope you can see that we're building a great base for the design.
I put this little board together for her guest bathroom.  I'm not sure she's a fan of the shower curtain.  It look incredibly similar to the expensive version from Anthropology, but is actually from Bed Bath & Beyond.

If you "like" my blog/business on Facebook, then you may have seen all the discussion on this green door...
Stay tuned to see if she keeps it or not!

___________________Local Clients: fireplace & stairs___________________

Remember the bedroom designs I created for siblings?  Well, I am also working on other portions of that home. Next up, this fireplace.  It's a challenge.  We're changing the tile and doing something with the mantle-to-ceiling mirror.  The brass will go as well.  It just isn't their style.

Their entry/stairs are also getting a makeover.  New lighting, wood floors, and some other details will really transform the look!
I'm thinking it will look more like this...

________________Commissioned Painting Inspiration_____________
Occasionally I paint.  I've done two paintings for others, one for myself, and this week Emily asked me to make her a large painting for her family room.  This image is my inspiration, but I'll be using different colors.

_________________"Ask The Expert" Client________________

I'm working with a couple in Missouri on their window treatments for their living room.  
These images were so helpful in explaining how I wanted them to hang the curtains.  Burn these images to your brain.  Pin them.  Save them.  Whatever you need to do.  It's always better to hang your drapery panels high and wide!  If you have a design question you'd like answered, then the "ask the expert" option may be right for you. 

     _________________Local Clients: Living Room Design___________________

The G. Family has asked for my help with their living room.  Mrs. G. said it feels a bit like a bachelor pad and they want to take it to the next level.  

The image below was their inspiration.  They want Ralph Lauren/classic/neutral. 
 I feel confident I can make that happen.

 ______________________My Own House___________________
I can't forget about our own house!  And these guys are just the cutest.  
Can you tell who has a loose front tooth? ;-)
My oldest has not wanted me to do anything to his room.  He doesn't want anything to change-- even though I haven't done a thing to his room since we moved in (a year ago) except add a light fixture.  The paint was already up, but needs to be done again.

But when I saw these signs for sale at Rebel.reclaimed I knew they were perfect.  When I showed them to my son, he loved them.  Finally! Something he could get excited about!  We bought all four and are even having four more made with cities/places that have significance to him.  I think they're a great jumping off point to inspire the rest of his room.  If you are local, the artist can make more!  Just let them know which city and color you'd like.

So there you have it!  A week in the life...
In this economy I know I am lucky to have work. Thank you!  I appreciate your support.
To wrap this up, I couldn't help but share this.  I hope you have a pair of  "sassy pants"!  :-)

If you are interested in working together to create a home you absolutely love, click here for more information on my services.


  1. This is such a great post, Abby! Oh, loving the blue chairs. Love the subway marble tiles you picked for the bathroom, it's classic and beautiful! You have so many wonderful projects going on, congratulations! Looking forward to see the finished rooms!

    By the way, I have a great giveaway on my blog now. Come by and enter if you like!



  2. Okay, Abby, you're making me a little tired :) So glad your design biz is going so well!

  3. Wow, girlfriend, you've got it going on!! So many great projects. Love that hearth. I've been following the door color on facebook. Can't wait to see what she finally decides. And the boys? Way cute.

  4. Abby glad you are keeping so busy and making some great choices and finds for your clients! Bravo!
    The boys are too too cute!

    Art by Karena
    Artist Series 2012

  5. Wow - girl you are busy! Love those signs -they're going to be son fun in how room!

  6. Okay Abby, you and I need to go antiquing together one of these weekends! I love to go in Grand Rapids and maybe you have some new spots I have never been to??? Somehow work it into your series if you do one? Could be super fun!

  7. Very fun to see your week. Doesn't it make you feel SUPER productive to have it all laid out like that?!

  8. Abby, What brand paint is the silver gray? I didnt see that info anyplace. Is it BM?

  9. Carol Jane- Siler Gray is a Benjamin Moore color. I hope that helps!

  10. Oh, I am so sad. All of the little towns on those signs were places I spent my childhood summers in Michgian. Very magical each of them in their own way. Glad to save a photo of them on Pinterest as a memory.

  11. Great post! thank you for sharing...
    Wishing I was a local, because I neeeeeed that bed!

  12. You are a busy little lady! Love all the work you're doing. The cottage project is going to be amazing. Now, I need to go check out what folks are saying about that green door. Has me intrigued.

  13. Thanks for sharing, I love reading you should post more often...


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