weekend at the lake & our deck project

Hello my friends.  I hope you had a beautiful weekend!  At the last minute I decided to throw both of my boys in the van and drive four hours to my dad's house on Lake Huron.  It's amazing to have a house on one of the Great Lakes. I just wish it wasn't so far away!  
My aunt was visiting from Atlanta and tried to get H. to put his toes in the water. :-)  There were new friends made and plenty of help mowing the lawn.  We had a bonfire both nights and my boys thought it was AWESOME to stay up late to roast marshmallows.

Stay calm...they didn't actually drive this.  But they both loooooved playing on it.  Isn't the view gorgeous?

They had just a bit of rest time and brotherly love. Oh, and J. is wearing my old high school sweatshirt. ;-)  

We came home Sunday and worked on our house.  
When we bought this house, one of the selling points was the huge deck.  This is only a portion of it.

The bench is great, but obviously it could really use a table.  We took advantage of the weekend sales and bought this table from World Market.  Even H. was trying to help his dad put it together.

The table was an improvement but we still needed some chairs.  I chose a white table because you can see our deck from the moment you walk in our front door, so it needed to flow from our living room.
White was the right choice.  I wanted the dark grey woven wicker-ish chairs, and my husband wanted tight fabric chairs.  So we compromised and bought these half-off.  They are very comfortable!  

I would still like to get some better accessories for the table, an outdoor rug, and lights for the trees.  I can be patient. ;-)

Did anyone else go out of town this weekend or work on their house?  Do tell!


  1. Good compromise on the chairs. Don't you sometimes hate that your husband has a say in the house? I feel that way all the time:)


  2. I hear you Jessica above!! Your deck/yard is completely enviable! Love the choices Abby.

  3. We got lots done on our house -Handyman worked inside and I worked outside. We did manage to get some marshmallow roasting and corn popping in though!

    Can't wait to see more patio progress.

    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Love your deck! Looks huge, must be nice for entertaining and barbeque'n. Mandy

  5. Looks like a blast! Love the table and chairs! I too need a table and what some lights in the trees around our patio :)

  6. Your Dad's place on Lake Huron looks like a piece of heaven! I love that pic of your boys running around with their lawnmowers!

  7. Your deck looks amazing! I would like some kind of bench set-up like you have... I was trying to explain it to Jeff... now I can show him a picture! Love the idea of lights in the tree! My boys always climb on the quad at my in-laws' cottage.

  8. Great post Abby. It was wonderful seeing you and letting the boys play. Hoping for a repeat in July. :)


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