the cottage project: neutral living room

Hello lovelies!  I was talking to a fellow designer yesterday and realized that I may have given this project the wrong name.  I called this local design client's work "The Cottage Project" because the house is on the river, and she refers to the house as "the cottage".  But don't let that deceive you.  This will be her home.  Her dream home that she's been waiting for for years.  I thought you should know that before you see my design plans, because you may wonder why it doesn't have more of a cottage style.

Today I'm sharing the latest and greatest on the living room.  Here is a picture of the sad and lonely light bulb hanging from the ceiling.  This was taken before the walls and ceilings were fixed and before the floor was stained.  This photo was shot from the entryway, with the fireplace in front and to the right of me.

This shot was taken from the corner of the archway to the kitchen.  You can see the view of the tiled entry way, and a door to her future potting room that leads to the garden.  Now the floor has been stained and the ceiling fixed, but still waiting for the walls to be painted, new trim, and new windows.

I'd say she's 99% convinced on putting two of these in front of her fireplace.

Straight across from the kitchen is this window area.  The plan is to have a window seat built-in, all the way around.  My client needs as much seating as possible for parties.  The bench will open for toy storage (grandkids) and I'm sure I'll use a fabulous fabric on the cushions.  Plus, this nook is just begging to have book read while lounging and looking out the windows to the gardens.  New trim, paint, and wall color is coming soon.

We found this stunning sofa yesterday, at a Baker showroom near my house.  Oh. My. Goodness.  All I can say is that if you saw it in real life, you might cry.  The lines of this sofa are to die for.  My client was crazy for it and so am I.  We're doing the extended, skirted version, but in a different, darker fabric than is shown.

Two chairs will be opposite the sofa, but in front of the archway that opens to the kitchen.  I'm thinking of using these, but I'm not 100% sure on their size.  You'll have to wait and see.

And my client was even happy to ditch the ceiling fan for a beautiful chandelier.  I think we're going with this piece from Currey and Company.

I'm also looking at this rug with the following materials.  I wish your screen would let you touch the fabrics.  Baker makes amazing furniture.  The sofa fabric is wool, soft and a perfect greige/mushroom color.  The walls will be Hazy Skies by Benjamin Moore.

This huge window will be getting some creme and black, hopefully large scale paisley, drapery panels.  And she would really like to incorporate her black pedestal table to sit in front for her mother and guests to play games, do puzzles, and just have a fabulous time.

Something like this:

The room layout of the whole room would be similar to this:

There you have it!  I'm still flushing out the details.  Local design projects come together differently than e-design.  But I think her dream home is going to be gorgeous.  I keep telling her that she's going to have to kick me out because I'm going to want to spend all my time there!

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  1. Just stunning Abby! Love the colors and the timeless look, this will definitely be a dream home when finished!

  2. Hi. Okay. Killer chandelier. Dream sofa. Love it ALL. I want to live there. And that last image of the green living room happens to be great inspiration for my own green living room. Thanks!!

  3. wow - definitely a dream home! I love the plan, it's going to be stunning :)

  4. Wonderful sofa and love the rug! Cant wait to see what to see the finished project.

  5. What a beautiful home and the plans that you have for it sound great. I'm loving both of those chair options a lot - the wing chairs look perfectly cozy for the fireplace.

  6. You've got some serious talent!! It is going to be amazing!!!!

  7. hi, it's my first time here and really like your blog and your style. love the ceiling in that last image


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