painting to sell and a trip down memory lane

We have been renting our old house (above) in Alger Heights for the last year.  Our renters have moved out, but the house got totally trashed...Sigh.  We've had the exterior painted, ripped up the carpet and finished the wood floors,  and even added a few new windows.  The house was so gross when they left that I am on day FOUR of cleaning this empty house.  I won't even tell you what I've been cleaning from the walls.  

I thought it might be fun to take a mini-trip down memory lane to see what our old house looked like.  It's safe to say I've gone in a new direction with our new house, :-) but this style fit the house we lived in.

All of that carpet is gone!  Hooray!  But the problem now is the chocolate bedroom has a million holes in the wall.  You see it as soon as you come up the stairs, and it just looks terrible.  Ideally I'm going to paint it. I'm thinking one of my favorite neutrals will do the trick: Hazy Skies by Benjamin Moore.

Here are some examples of it on the wall.

Hazy Skies is a light beige with a bit of green undertones and just a touch of gray.  I love it.  
Cross your fingers I can get it all finished in a day!


  1. SO sorry to hear how your tenants treated your old home! We're fearful of running into that ourselves - we put so much love and effort into making our house a home, and then to have someone else trash it is heartbreaking to say the least. Hoping we find a buyer - and that you do, too! Have you considered offering lease-to-own options? That way at least people have a sense of ownership, and in a few years they hopefully have the credit to pay for it in full.

  2. Ugh. Gross. The same thing happened to us this spring with a townhouse that we rent out. It required shovels and 4 industrial dumpsters to clean the trash out... then the place needed to be gutted. Ridiculous.

  3. BOO for crappy renters! What the heck is wrong with people??? How can they not take care of the place they *LIVE*??? Okay, rant done and I loved the trip down memory lane! Good luck with the painting (c:

  4. Yuck, that's no fun!! You will make it beautiful again and the paint color is is super pretty!

  5. What a job. Sorry you have to deal with that. People can be so disrespectful and gross. But, you will make it beautiful again!!

  6. Oh gosh that stink - why are people so gross sometimes?! UGH! Thinking of you as you scrub and paint - love that paint color - thanks for the tip. I love a good neutral go to paint color!

  7. I just don't "get" people like that! We have always treated rentals as if we owned them, often putting our own money in to tile, replace carpet and paint. How do people live in such filth?


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