Katie Holmes, mentions, & Mother's Day

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  A few things happened that I wanted to share with you.  

The first, and most important, is that I decided to cut my hair off in an attempt to 
look more like Katie Holmes.  Just kidding.  That's hardly important, but I did cut my hair like this.  My logic was that I didn't want to be curling my hair all summer during the humidity/pool/beach.

I sported my new short hair at Kristen's baby shower at The T. House.  As you can see, I look nothing like Katie Holmes.  Granted, it was raining and my hair went flat, but still.  But isn't Kristen cute?!  There's a baby boy in her belly that I can't wait to meet.

Speaking of The T. House, their kitchen is painted, hardware is on and the new lights are up.  So far so good.  But I've decided to wait on sharing the 'after' photos with you until the crown molding is on the bulkheads and the new floors are in.
But if you are really dying for a peek, I love how the island and new lights are looking:
If you never saw the 'before' shots, click here.

Totally changing gears...

Can you imagine my surprise when I discovered my post on 27 tips to simple entertaining  was quoted in a piece from the Knoxville News.  The writer, Susan Alexander, is the Features Editor and writes a weekly column on family finances.  After quoting me she quotes Real Simple Magazine.  Seriously, that is a strange feeling.  I realize the Knoxville News isn't a widely read publication, but I was still delighted to see that someone else thought my tips were worth sharing.

Similarly, my Portland Living Room design board was featured, May 9th, on Bohemia News.  Who knew there was a Bohemia News?  The sad part is that the page is new every day, and I can't seem to find where it was listed.  But if you follow me on Twitter, maybe you saw it on there when it was originally mentioned.  

I feel so hunkered-down with client work that I'm finding it difficult to blog often.  So these mentions were a huge surprise!  So thankful.

Finally, I just have to share this card that my oldest son made me for Mother's Day.  
My weight and job crack me up.  But I'm relieved that he loves me because I love him.  Heartwarming!

Have a great day!  Let's connect on Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail me at abby@adelightfuldesign.com.  I'd love to hear from you.  


  1. Love your new do!! Not Katie Holmes, better!

  2. I agree, way cuter than Katie Holmes. You and Kristin both look so adorable in your shower-day-expecting-sweet-baby smiles! Cute dresses too.

  3. Love your haircut! Katie Holmes is from my town. Toledo,Oh. I met her Mom while working in the mall. Sweet lady.

  4. Your haircut looks adorable!!! You are so pretty! Love the kiddo q&a's!!

  5. whose idea was it to have the second question on an all about my mom worksheet be WEIGHT???

    But all very sweet.

    Hair looks great, too!

  6. Love your haircut! The note from your son is too cute!

  7. Your new "do" is just darling! The kitchen is looking great and I love the mother's day list from your son...my favorite is what you always say!!! Congrats on the mentions too...

  8. Love the hair! Maybe your son thought he was stating your weight in grams?! I love reading lists like that and seeing their spelling as well (: Happy Mother's Day! Oh and congrats on the mentions, how exciting!

  9. Your haircut is adorable! I've had that exact same haircut before. Congrats on your mentions, Abby.

  10. Love your new do Abby. I have had that same haircut pinned for awhile, I haven't worked up the nerve to go that short...I love how it looks on you.

    Your son's letter is so adorable, I love that your job is to paint your house. I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day.

  11. Get. Out. On the mentions. And the haircut! Great stuff. Love the do. Sassy like you :)

  12. Your hair is darling! Also, why in the world would they even ask about a mom's weight on that thing?!?!?

  13. Pretty sure my kids would say "my mom does a blog" or "cooking" as their answer:)


  14. OK... Jack's list is awesome! And it totally confirms that you and I need to live closer together so we can hang out... I swear my kids think I'm a 'painter' and they LOVE it when I 'battle them with Beyblades!' Love the haircut too!

  15. I love that your job is to paint the house! That's hilarious!


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