H.'s big boy room: a reveal

Designing H.'s  vintage, preppy, big boy room has been one of my favorite projects to date.  It has been amazing to watch his eyes light-up with every new piece we collect.  

Here is the original design board I created:
I started with the antique shade as his ceiling pendant and the framed 'Snap the Whip' by Homer.  I bought them both at the Allegan Antiques Market  last summer and everything built from there.

The walls are Nimbus Gray by Benjamin Moore.  The brass beds were a steal on overstock, but I don't see them there anymore.  I think I paid $24.99 a piece.  The wool blankets are my favorite.  You can find tons of patterns here.  His dresser was his white changing table in his nursery, but now has new paint and vintage hardware.  Nearly all the art and accessories are antique or vintage.  The lamp was H.'s great grandmother's, and the dresser was my husband's from when he was a baby.

He has gone from crib to two twin beds.  He was practically jumping up and down when we brought the beds into his room.

I think it's a welcomed changed! You may be asking yourself why I would choose white blankets in a boy's room.  There is a simple answer: bleach.  It's the same reason I love our white slipcovered sofa.  He's had his beds since February and we haven't had any problems yet.

Here are some of the details:

I hope you enjoyed this tour!  Once I finish the window and his other wall, I'll do a reveal 'Part Two'.  If you have any questions on sources, ask me on Facebook or email me at abby@adelightfuldesign.com!

To do:
*Install custom drapery panels on either side of his window.
*Hang gallery wall opposite the beds.  I have nearly all the pieces, but I'm still fine tuning.
*Have the room professionally photographed.  My photos don't do his room justice.

If you would like to work together creating a space you absolutely love, 
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  1. Love it! Your shorter haircut is adorable, too!

  2. His room looks fantastic. Love the blankets.

  3. It's awesome, Abby! Love your vision and implementation.

  4. I love the green! And what a steal on the brass beds!

  5. What a fantastic room! I love the blues and greens together, and all of the vintage touches are so thoughtful and unique! Great job!

  6. What a great update for your little guy's room - I love the beds too and the other metals that you've brought in to the room. I bet he'll enjoy this room for a long time and he can have a friend or his brother sleep in the room with him - how fun!

  7. Wowzer! I am in love with that green dresser! Amazing!

  8. I really love this style for a boy's room! It is so charming, unique and thoughtful. It came out great! If you could, I would love for you to stop by my blog and weigh in on a new design decision of mine. Would love to hear your thoughts!

  9. I love it! The blankets are great and I love the vintage-preppy feel. That is the look I wanted to go for in my son's room but now that he has some input (he's 8), it is moving in a little different direction! You have some great pieces in there!

  10. So charming and filled with sentimental pieces. This room is happy and flexible, perfect for a "big boy" room and I'll bet H would agree! Love, love, love the white bedding and wool blankets!

  11. Love Holden's room and all your choices. Your new haircut looks even better than Katie Holmes.

  12. Abby,
    I love the makeover! The green chest is awesome. I love the nostalgic details (Hardy Boys books, the soldier art). You are fabulous, girl :)

  13. This is a gorgeous space! I love the plaid blanket and those gorgeous brass beds against the blue tones of the wall. Perfect for a stylish little boy :) xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  14. Looks amazing! Funny how chic brass beds are now when only a few years ago they would be the first thing switched out in a room makeover :)

  15. What a fun, preppy space for your handsome man! Love the brass beds and green dresser!

  16. It's fabulous, Abby...love, love the plaid blankets and the pop of green is wonderful!!

  17. Oh girl, it turned out fantastic!! And I'm all for stuff you can bleach, hells to the yeah!! Boys are fantastic, but man are they dirty little creatures sometimes! (c: I can't wait to see the other deets!

  18. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

  19. Loving the room! Especially the brass bed frames!

  20. I am in love with the drawer pulls! Where did you find them?
    Thanks for sharing this very classic makeover! :-)



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