3 'must reads' for your weekend

I've really been busy with clients this week and have had no time to keep up with your blogs or write myself.  But for some reason, I have read three amazing pieces, and I thought I would share.  They really have little to nothing to do with design, but I'm a multifaceted person and I'm sure you are too!  I don't often, if ever, write posts like this so you'll just have to trust me that these are worth your time. :-)  You'll want to read and share with your friends.  I promise.

The first is from my dear friend, boss from my past, and successful author, Shauna Niequist.  Her commencement speech at APU is by far, the best I have ever read.  No matter your age or life stage, 'Forces of Nature' is a must read.  You will be inspired and moved.  Here's one of my favorite quotes from her speech:

It’s very easy to wait around on the sidelines for your very specific, perfectly-fitted part to play. But in my experience, you might find yourself waiting around for a long time. In my experience, God uses willing hands, not spectacular ones. He uses passionate people, not extraordinarily-gifted ones. We all want to feel that sense of everything coming together, our gifts and our passions and our life experiences. We all want to have that “I was made for this” feeling. In my experience, the way to that feeling is to put on your boots and get to work.
photo via Shauna Niequest

Second, is a piece from the Biz Ladies series on Design Sponge.  'Lessons About Motherhood and Business' is written by Meg Mateo Ilsaco, who recently co-authored her latest book MOM, INC. and is the creative director at Anthology Magazine. If you are a mom that runs your own business, your own blog, writes, owns a store, or is thinking of starting your own business: this is a must read.

I'm sure you've all seen the widely talked about Time magazine cover.  Frankly, I could care less.  Have not read the article.  I am annoyed that this is even "news".  But Kristen, of Rage Against The Minivan has written an amazing response to all of the Mommy-Wars.  'Where is the mommy-war for the motherless child' is a must read for every woman.  Even if you're not a mother.

Wishing all of you a beautiful 
Mother's Day weekend: especially to my mom.  I'll be celebrating with my boys.


  1. I read the 3rd article and loved it! People care about other people's business too much when there are real issues out there!

  2. Hi Abby, thank you for the suggestions! I'm going to get my read on this weekend!! :)

  3. Know what I'm going to be reading today...loved the quote from the speech...heading to read it all. Happy Mother's Day, Abby!!

  4. Hope you had a lovely Mothers Day :) thanks for the read lists

  5. Loved the article from Design Sponge. Especially the part about thinking about motherhood and building your business as a process ... it's the process that makes you successful. Really liked that!

  6. These are all great reads!!! Thanks for sharing!


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