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My first client from Massachusetts is incredibly kind and very zen.  She loves earth tones and Fung Shui. Since having her twin boys, she has not had time to pull her home together and it's starting to drive her crazy.  Their living room has a lot of potential.  My goal was to create a relaxing, yet 
practical space for parents and kids.

Warning: this post is a bit word-y with a more detailed description of my recommendations.

The only piece she asked I keep was their sofa.  I decided to move the sofa centered on their bay window, add white side tables, window treatments, green lamps, round coffee table (with lid for storage) and a recycled denim rug.

Here is the bay window wall as is.  The drapes will be replaced with white, moved higher and further out from the window.  The TV will not be staying in that corner.

Her husband has some carpentry skills, so I'm recommending 22" deep floor to ceiling floating shelves, but the bottom shelves would be high enough to store two square baskets  on either side.

Here was my inspiration for the floating shelves, as seen on me oh my! designed by Nicole.

After moving the sofa to the window wall, I would replace the sofa with two slipcovered chairs with green velvet pillows, and place the TV in the middle with watercolor prints from the artist's trip to Japan.

Another option for the television is to place it on one of the floating shelves, and the cords could be concealed by the baskets.  Then, instead of a low console between the chairs, I would add a painted dresser between the chairs.  Again, the more storage the better!

Finally, a close-up of the pillow mix and rug.

I hope you like my plan for this relaxing living room.

If you would like to work together creating a home you truly love, contact me or learn more 
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  1. Lovely plan - and I love seeing the very real life before pic :)

  2. Love it, especially the green accent pillows. Where is the coffee table from?


  3. Very exciting! Love the plan and the colors. Nice job :)

  4. I LOVE that green! What a great transformation this will be. Your boards give an unbelievable visual. Floating shelves will be great in there and all the storage is going to be heaven with kids!!

  5. Yes, I like it. Makes me want to request my own floating shelves from my favorite carpenter.


  6. This is such a great plan! I'm sure Denise is thrilled. (And, I love the pics of her little boy in the floor!) So glad this all worked out.

  7. Pretty. Just getting tired of chevron, chevron, everywhere.

  8. Such a great plan, love it, especially the green accent pillows


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