Easter recap

Hi friends.  Did you enjoy your Spring Break and Easter/Passover weekend?  We celebrated Easter with the kids finding their baskets at 6:30 a.m., cinnamon rolls, Easter sausage, and eggs.  Jack got decked out in his little sport coat and tie for church (love him) and we came home to a rather unconventional Easter brunch of grilled steak and a ton a vegetable sides.  The biggest hit was this recipe for Brussels Sprouts.  

I tried to take a super simple approach to the table this year.  If you don't use your grandmother's china and Waterford crystal for the holidays, then when do you use it?  Apparently, I'm not getting our glasses out of storage enough because my son asked me if I borrowed them from someone for our lunch.  Ha! 

Here's a little family shot from the day, taken out on our deck.  The leaves are starting to bloom on the trees and our deck is getting prettier by the day.

If you were on vacation last week and weren't checking blogs, here is what you missed:


  1. Sounds like a perfect easter break :)

  2. We had steaks and veggies too :) Great minds think alike. I hope you all had a fabulous Easter.

  3. Oh my gosh, what CUTIES you have there! All three of them (c: Sounds like the perfect little Easter! And I love the sport coat, totally adorbs!

  4. Aw, Happy Easter to you and your family Abby! One of my favorite vegetables is brussels sprouts.

  5. Your boys are adorable! I have a particular fondness for toddlers in button down shirts:)


  6. Love that tablecloth with the paint color! Hope it was a great day.

  7. What an adorable family! Your table looks so great!


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