D.C. design plan: entry & stairs

It's Monday!  Let's dive right in.  There are so many exciting opportunities and things happening with my little design company right now, and I can't wait to share them with you.  But until then, I'll start by saying that I was so surprised by how many people do not like the look of grasscloth.  I disagree with most of the comments, simply because there are so many versions of grasscloth these days that I really think it could work anywhere.  Schumacher even makes a vinyl version which solves the cat problem of rubbing against the natural fibers.  But I'm glad everyone has their own opinions!  Thank you for sharing them!
If you'd like to see what the fuss is about, click here.

Today's post includes more grasscloth.  :-)  I've been working on an e-design of a stairway and entry over the weekend for a client in D.C..  This client is actually a friend from my hometown who lives in D.C. with her husband and daughter.  It's always an honor when old friends trust me with their home!

 Here is the entry and stairwell as it looks today.  They have lived in their house for a short time.  While the rest of the home has a great start, they have yet to tackle this space. I've encouraged them to paint the risers of their stairs white while leaving the treads wood.  They're in!  :-)  Ideally, I'd also like to see the railing taken down, shortened, and put on the other side.  This would really open up the wall and at least give the option for art.

Here is the landing.  A new light, rug, and pillows have been selected.

The pillows would sit on this window seat.  They really don't use the area for seating, but pillows would work wonders for dressing up the space.

I love all the details of their colonial house!

They have a gorgeous navy dining room, and a beige/gray living room.  See that railing?  It's too much.  It's too long.  I has to be moved to the other side.  So strange what pieces make such a difference.

I gave them two options.

Design plan #1 has Thibaut  grasscloth on the walls, mixed metal fixtures, wool rug for the landing and pillows for the window seat.

Design plan #2 uses Edgecomb Gray paint on the walls, a crystal and metal pendant in the entry, and an iron finish on the star fixture for the landing.  The pillows and rug really bring it all together.

 My clients have already made their choice and started ordering pieces.  If we are lucky, they will share the after shots with us when it's done.

Which design would you chose? 
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  1. I'm all over #1! Your lightings choices are always what I like best about your design plans, Abby.

  2. I see toys in the before pics which means little kids going up and down the stairs touching/bumping the stairwell walls constantly. So i would NOT put the grassclth on the stair wall.

  3. Definitely would choose #1. Love the texture of the grasscloth in that option!


  4. I'm loving gray paint right now and the chandelier so I would say option 2. I do however love grasscloth too! Excited to see what they chose!

  5. I love grasscloth. To solve the problems of cats and children....you can always put some picture moulding 1/2 up the stairs....saves on grasscloth and can be wiped down for hand prints! Love both, but the first one is so much warmer.

  6. I like option 1 as well and I really like Sherry's idea about adding the picture moulding and then having the grasscloth above that. And I'm glad they are on board for painting the risers too - I think that will look really nice. I'd love to do that on our stairway, but we're not going to be in our house much longer.

  7. I love this house and the people who live in it, too! Both options look fabulous, Abby. I can't wait to see it when it's finished!

  8. Oh my goodness, the detailing on those stairs is fantastic...and really, you can't go wrong with any of those options! EEE! It's going to be amazing!!!

  9. I love the round pendant in option 1, are you able to let us know the name and/or where you would be able to purchase it?

    1. Thank you! Yes, in this case I can share because the client is not using this light. You can find it at ballarddesigns.com under pendant lights. Enjoy!

  10. You know I'd go with the grasscloth! In fact, that's one of my powder room choices. I love it. Abby, this is a gorgeous design. You always do great lighting. So excited for whatever is happening with your business. You are a talent, my friend, and I love watching what you do :)


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