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I am in the beginning phases of pulling together the plan for the living room of The Cottage Project.  Yesterday, I came across this chair and lost my breathe.  It's perfect for my client.  In fact, she needs two.

Here is a before pic of her living room with the entry behind the fireplace wall.  Nothing has been painted yet and the trim isn't finished.  But can't you see two of these chairs in front of the fireplace?

I'd also love to hang this chandelier in the living room.  Currently, she's sold on a ceiling fan for practical purposes, but there's a chance I can change her mind.  :-)

Remember this master bedroom client?  From the House Hunters show?
I got the sweetest note from my clients last night.  They had painted their walls over the weekend, and after a late night at work, her husband surprised her by installing all the pieces they have.  She said she came around the corner, gasped, and said, "Oh my God I love it!".  Then she sent me another message!

Seriously though Abby- the room just looks TOTALLY different.  In love with it.  The wall color is perfect (we had a bit of a paint goof, but it was all worth it!).  Thanks for sharing your talents and transforming our spaces...you're on the "team" my friend so don't get too popular, 
we'll need you again!

As you can imagine, that made my night!  They are still waiting on a few pieces, but I'll be sure to share photos when it is done.  Want to work together?  Contact me for an estimate.

Finally, I'm throwing a couples wedding shower this Saturday night for our darling babysitter who has become part of the family.  Honestly, could they be any cuter?!

  I'll be serving these strawberry basil margaritas.  Wish you were coming!
                                                                                  Source: thekitchn.com via Abby on Pinterest


  1. Strawberry basil cocktails are THE BEST! Hope you have a blast - and can't wait to see progress on the cottage!

  2. Love those chairs! And I'd also love one of those margaritas - yum! Take lots of pictures.

  3. Love the chair, and yes... I can totally see two of them in front of that gorgeous fireplace!

    Love the bedroom design, and can't wait to see more of your projects :)

  4. I love that chair, it's fabulous! And those margaritas look tasty!

  5. Isn't it awesome when a client takes the time to put their appreciation in writing? I bet your cottage client will do the same when those gorgeous chairs land in her space. So perfect!

  6. Those chairs would be so killer in that cottage. I can't get over it. Great to hear that your clients appreciate your talent, too! And on the shower -- good luck, I'm sure the food will be to die for. And you can send one of those drinks my way any time.

  7. I DO wish I were coming!! Those margs sound amazing! And H's big boy room is going to be fantastic! Love all the peeks!

  8. I love those chairs for in that room...the lines of that fireplace are kind of rad (c: And how cool is it to get sweet notes like that and know that you totally made someone's day? I love it!

  9. Still thinking of the maragarita :), okay, i'll try and focus! Those chairs are perfect and what a great space! The master bedroom...awesome! Now back to those maragaritas...

  10. Oh my! That chair is gorgeous! Now I know how I'm going to reupholster the vintage wingback chairs I bought! :-)

    I hope you talk her into that beautiful chandelier!

  11. So much good news. That would make my day too.


  12. Wow! You've been busy while I've been away! So many great projects! And yum... the margaritas look fabulous.

  13. Love the chairs...fight hard on that ceiling fan girl....love the bedroom board.....wish I had a margarita right now....


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