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Can you believe it is Thursday?  Just one more day until the weekend.  For me, that means more time to work while my husband can be with our boys.  I haven't had childcare for three weeks now and I'm super backlogged with client work.  But I'm staying up late and pushing forward!  This is when it helps to absolutely love what I do.  This work is a huge blessing, and for that, I thank you!

Last month I shared the living room of the "House Hunter's" house.  Now we are working on their master bedroom.  Typically, I do one design board per room, but today I broke it down per wall.  I thought it would give you (and my clients) a better idea of how the whole room shakes out.

Here is the main wall that the bed will go against.  There is a totally random window on one side of the bed.  I'd like to cover it with a simple roman shade inside the window frame.  On the opposite side are two large white frames going vertical to mirror the height of the window.  Ideally, I would recommend some romantic pencil sketches (nudes?) but I'll let my clients decide.  Some black and white wedding pictures would also be pretty.

Here is the wall in their bedroom as it looks today.  They have not done anything to this room since they moved in, as their efforts have been focused on the living room and kitchen.  
This is wall number two:

What I wish it looked like:
The hardware on the dresser is not ideal, but I love the herringbone pattern of the wood grain. The hardware can be easily switched out. Plus, the top drawer is lined in velvet!  There won't be room for a bench at the end of their bed, so this chair makes a great place to sit down and put your socks on. :-) Yes, the chair matches the pillows on the bed.  In this case, it works. 

Finally, wall number three.  (Take note, if your curtain rods look like this, they are not wide enough.)  
I would do another simple roman shade on this window and double wide, soft grey drapery panels.  Please know that I don't want the lamps jutting out in this picture, but I couldn't get an image of these drapes without those stinking lamps.  

  The wall color is Ocean Air 2123-50 by Benjamin Moore.  It's so relaxing that to me, it feels like floating in a cloud.  I think I would love this color on a ceiling.  You can find images of this color on walls on my Pinterest Board for Colleen.

 I hope you enjoyed my plans!  If you'd like to work together creating a home you love, 
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  1. Pretty boards - can't wait to see how it turns out. The paint color is fab.

  2. So pretty. Love the bed and pillows.

  3. I painted my bedroom Ocean Air and I absolutely love it. It looks much bluer on my walls than on your design board. Looking forward to seeing the finished room!

  4. Oh this reminds me of my bedroom, especially since those are the lamps I chose! What is the striped fabric (?) at the bottom of the first picture? Is that a rug? If so, I'd love to know the source.

  5. The room is going to look gorgeous! Loving the paint colour too

  6. Great job! It is going to be beautiful! Soft and relaxing, can't wait to see it all come together!

  7. A very pretty plan and really like the idea of mimicking the height of the window with the art. We have two of those chairs and they are great - they are really comfortable and would be perfect for a bedroom (I'm actually considering something similar for our BR).

  8. My bedroom is very close to Ocean Air and we love it. Very tranquil and soothing which is just what you want for a place where you sleep. Other than paint and furniture, we have not yet touched our room so I am glad they are going after it and can't wait to see it finished!

  9. It's beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished product, it will be soooo gorgeous!


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