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Hi friends.  I've been holding back on you.  Before my bug hit, I did a little painting and thrifting.  
Let me show you what I found.  

I bought two of these bedside tables off Craig's List for $25 a piece.  They are in very rough shape, and I had to go to a smoke-filled bait shop to buy them.  But I love the design, and I bought black, high gloss paint to make them fabulous.  They also have a drawer on the front.  I may have to change the hardware, but I'm waiting to see how it looks once the rest of the piece is painted.

I'm going to put them in our guest room.  I'm not convinced they are the ideal size, but they are fabulous for now.  I can always move them to a different room later, or pass them off to a client.

I was thrilled when I found a pair of these lamps at one of my favorite re-sale shop.  But sadly, when I brought them home, the creme background looked too yellow, so they are going back. If you're local and you think they'd work in your home, let me know!  
They are such a nice size and style, but are in need of new shades.

I almost passed out when I saw this set of tumblers for $2.50 a piece.  I bought six.  Gold + greek key design = sold to me!  Someday, when my toddler doesn't destroy everything, my hubby and I plan to have a bar cart in our living room.  We actually have the perfect place for it.  These will be ideal!

Changing gears...Remember this white dresser from my son's nursery?  It was my husband's when he was little and we just keep using it.  But for H.'s big boy room, it needed a paint job and new hardware.

See?  This is the generic, old hardware I put on the dresser years ago.

I replaced them with these beauties.  The best part?  They were $2.50 a piece at my favorite antique store.  I looooooove them.

The dresser got painted Bunker Hill Green 566 by Benjamin Moore.  I know it looks almost sage in my picture, but it's more kelly green.  Doesn't the brass look great against the green?
The walls in his new room are going from nursery blue (that was left from the previous owner) to Nimbus Gray by Benjamin Moore.  It's a great gray, that still feels cheerful and not too dark.
I hope you enjoyed my latest updates and thrifty finds.  Do you have a favorite piece or do you think I'm crazy for buying all this old furniture?

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  1. I so adore a great thrifting find! You are like the thrift master right now! Those tumblers are *gorgeous*...and those vintage pulls??? Amazing. They look fantastic against that kelly green!!

  2. I have 6 tumblers exactly like yours and this is the first time I've ever known anyone else to have them too. Our set is about 45 years old and like new. I look forward to seeing your projects completed.

  3. I would've snagged those bedside tables too. They're greatness!

  4. Gray walls and green dresser = fabulous. What a gorgeous job you are doing on this house Abby. Hurry up and reveal the bed tables, please? :) Glad you are feeling better and keeping us entertained again.

  5. okay missy.. I need to see more! Love those tables and love kelly green!

  6. The brass against the color green is amazing! It looks vintage and stunning! :)

  7. I love those tables and can't wait to see what you do to them! I found you via a comment you made on Emily's blog about my son's bedroom. Thanks so much for the compliment! And because you commented, I've now added your wonderful blog to my google reader account. Looking forward to seeing your work - especially your mom's kitchen/bath in Marina city. I'm a Chicago girl and worked across the street from those buildings for many years. Always wondered what they looked like inside......

  8. So funny, I'm about to put Nimbus in my THIRD client house! Such a perfect grey.

    Fun finds all around, too.


  9. I DO NOT think you are crazy for buying old furniture. It's the best! Those tables are going to look amazing. And I love those glasses. Classic. The green dresser sounds yummy.

  10. I love hardware and bright green on the dresser. I've been thrifting and shopping in general way too much recently!

  11. Those end tables...I would have knocked someone down for those :)
    To bad the lamps did not work...they are pretty snazzy!

  12. Seriously! That coral ceiling! Blushing from ear to ear! Love the tumbers and hardware too!


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