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Hello!  I'm still here. :-)  
 I bet when I'm not posting every day you probably think I'm doing something like this:
                                                                Source: dustjacketattic.blogspot.com via Abby on Pinterest

Or that my life as a designer and mother looks more like this:
                                                                              Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com via Abby on Pinterest

But for the last two weeks, my days have looked more like this:
                                                                Source: joannagoddard.blogspot.com via Abby on Pinterest

Except I'm not nearly as darling as this girl.  But I have been so sick with a bug that I thought would never go away.  I'm finally better, and ready to charge ahead with catching up on my waiting list.  My poor clients!  I used to feel guilty missing work when I went into an office every day, thinking I was letting down my coworkers.  Now I feel guilty missing work, even though I have my own business, because that means my clients have to wait longer for their designs to be finished.   Anyhow...I'm ready to rock and get back with the program.  

Let's talk about hiring a designer.  It's a risk.  
Will they really make your home into something you love? 
 If you've hired someone whose designs and personality mesh well with yours, then you should feel confident in their ideas.  Believe it or not, a designer's role can be less design plans and more coaching. 

For example, remember my Kentucky e-design client with all the built-ins?

She hired me because they were moving into their new home and she wanted it to feel different than their last space.  But when I sent her the original plan, she wrote me back to say she liked some of my ideas. 
(Hmm. Not good.)  But that overall the idea of those changes made her sweat.  I'm sure you can relate!  Change can be so hard.  So I made a few edits to my original plan: 
Guess what: once she saw the changes, she missed the original pieces.  This is why, & how, hiring a professional can really help.  Even if you don't agree with their original ideas, walking through the process together of making edits can help you better define your style.  Now, most of the pieces from the original plan are in place and I have been getting e-mails about how much they "LOVE" their space.  
Even her husband is, "smitten".  :-)

Finally, Danielle was skeptical to add grasscloth wallpaper to the backs of her built-ins.  But after a few conversations about why this was the best option, she took the plunge.  Last night I received this picture from my very happy client.  She shared the before (right side) and after (left side) of her wallpapered shelves.  

  If I hadn't been watching The Bachelor I would have started jumping up and down!  I think the grasscloth adds another level of sophistication to an already beautiful home.  Obviously we still have to style the shelves, but I'm so happy with how they turned out.  I'm thankful Danielle was willing to take the risk and that they are happy with the results.

Trusting your designer does not mean you should buy something you hate!  But I would recommend letting their ideas sit with you for a few days, while you ask questions, to see if their plans grow on you.  
We really do have your best interest at heart! 

Thinking of hiring a professional to help you create a space you absolutely love?  Click here to learn more about my services.


  1. Love that grasscloth wallpaper on the back of the bookcase, it's so beautiful and yes, looks more sophisticated!

    Come by and enter my current giveaway for a chance to win a pillow of your choice, if you like!


  2. So glad she decided to add the grasscloth!! Looks amazing and adds so much depth!

  3. Abby I hope you are feeling better! I love your design concepts!!

    Also adore your first image!!

    Come over to visit, I have a New Giveaway I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  4. Wow! You work fast. I'm glad you're feeling better. You are so right about the advantages of hiring a designer and trusting them. That has helped me transform my space into something I really love that I probably wouldn't have been able to create otherwise. Thanks again for everything. I'm excited to get everything done and post the final results!

  5. Totally understand that process! Working with graphic design clients is completely the same haha You show them one idea, they'd prefer something else, you show them the new idea, and they liked your first idea better :)

  6. This is not only good advice, but a super funny story (c: Glad to hear you're on the mend, lady! Hope you're back to 100% soon!!!

  7. Agree! In talking and meeting with a few people, I've also found that a lot of people need assistance and ideas with layouts and space planning. They think that the room can only accommodate the furniture a certain way, and sometimes that's just not the case. And sometimes people do need that extra push to explore some new design options that might be a little out of their comfort zone but in the end they will really grow to enjoy. Hope you have a good week Abby!

  8. Wow! Fantastic transformation. What depth that adds. Brilliant choice Abby. Glad she trusted you.

  9. That grass cloth looks AWESOME. Aren't you so happy when they send you photos?

  10. I'm Danielle's Mom, thank you for helping my daughter with the designing. She creates enough stress in her life and you certainly eased that for her.


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