the cottage project: hallway

I have the privilege of working with a wonderful client transforming this beaten down cottage house into her dream home.  She has done much of the work already, along with her brother/contractor.  Just this week the walls are getting drywall and the master plasterer is fixing what needs to be fixed.  I'm sure I'll be sharing pieces of the cottage project every week.  

Let's start with the hallway.  The hallway may seem unimportant...just a way to get from A to B.  But I disagree.  It depends on the home, but often it's the one place you see from everywhere else.  
The hallway is a significant portion of real estate. 

This home was literally falling apart when Sheri bought it.  The hallway is no exception.  The plaster walls and ceiling were crumbling.  But the bonus of the home is all of the original architectural details.  

There are a few barrel ceilings throughout the home and this one leads into her master bedroom.  
{I can not wait to tell the story of that space!}
Sheri and her brother have beautiful ideas for the cottage but 
were stumped when it came to the hallway.  Side note: Can you even handle how fabulous the doors are?  She's keeping all the original doors.  Love that.

I proposed this idea to my client and she loved it.  
We're using 9 inch planks up the wall and then beadboard on the barrel ceiling.
 interiors by Liz Hand Woods, architecture by Bates Corkern Studio, from Veranda

What do you think?  It's going to be quite the transformation.

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  1. I can see how amazing it will be and the details are wonderful!! She is fortunate to have you Abby!

    I hope you will join my Valentine's Giveaway!
    Art by Karena

  2. I love it! The first thing I noticed was that door!

  3. Creative approach, that's going to look beautiful!

  4. It's going to be heaven- those barrel ceilings and arches are to die for!

  5. This looks like such a FUN project!!

  6. Thanks so much for entering the giveaway Abby!!!!

  7. The planking is a perfect solution and really keeps with the original charm of the space!

  8. The exterior is so charming that you hope the interior is as well - and it certainly is by the looks of those doors. I love the idea of adding the planks to keep the charm going.

  9. Love this idea! What great character that cottage has - those doors are divine!

  10. That looks gorgeous! And I think it will go really well with the doors!

  11. Um yes!! Perfect idea!! Love those doors for sure too!

  12. Holy wow. Now THAT'S why you hire a designer!

  13. You are awesome! Il one that idea. She's a lucky client - x

  14. um, yeah, LOVE that idea - darn spellcheck, seriously... x

  15. Love the treatment for the ceiling and that she's keeping the original doors!

  16. That's going to be so super cool! Great idea!!

  17. That inspiration photo of the hallway is AMAZING!
    What a fun project.

  18. What a wonderful space! It is such a charming cottage, and you have fabulous ideas!


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