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Good morning!  First, I'd like to say a huge thank you for your generous response to the story of Hundred for a Home .  I have a few more areas you can help that I'll be sharing soon.  There are so many ways to contribute!

Last week I shared the beautiful 'before' pictures of my Kentucky client's home.  You can see those pictures here.  Today I'm sharing part 1 of my design plan.  In part 2 I'll share my plans for the shelves.

As you read, consider that when Danielle contacted me she said she liked traditional, cottage, and vintage style.  Her favorite colors were cool colors like blue, green, and grey. Danielle loves symmetry. She also said she wanted the space to feel different than their old house.
Let's start with her inspiration photos I pulled from her Pinterest board.  

Take away from these?  Neutral, serene, with 
pops of pattern and color in the pillows.

Here is how her living room looks now:
Granted, she just moved in so obviously this isn't the finished look.  But as her designer, a major part of my job is to listen to what my client really wants, even if they don't see it.  For example, they had requested to keep all of their current furniture. But I don't believe that the room will ever really feel the way Danielle imagines it if they keep their sofa.  

I've created two options to work from, both within the budget she gave me.  The first board with the new slip-covered sofa (Sofas you can bleach are the best!) would be my first choice.  

Here is the jute/chenille rug up close:
Now for the fabrics and walls:

For the layout, I would place one chair on either side of the coffee table and add the tufted blue bench under the window to be framed by her current olive green drapes.  I would love to find a different home for her standing shelf, because there is already a wall of shelving on the opposite wall.  Maybe there is space in the dining room?  Or at the end of a hall?  Or their finished basement?  I really like the piece but I think moving it to a different room would allow for symmetry around the sofa and for less visual clutter.  
Less stuff = more relaxing space. 
 I know, I know, it's a lot of change for one day! ;-)

But in the event their family is not crazy with my drastic and possibly shocking move: here is the plan I would use.  I still think this is beautiful and has a different vibe than their last space.

What do you think?  

If you are interested in learning more about my design services click here or contact me.  I would love to help you create a home you absolutely love.


  1. I absolutely love both otpions. I don't think I would be able to decide. However, I do adore that slip cover! :)


  2. I completely agree that the sofa needs to change. I was thinking the same thing before I even read what you thought about it :)


  3. White slip cover for sure and I also agree with the shelf being moved to a different room to accomplish her vision. You do such great work, Abby.

  4. I like the first plan - with the slipcovered sofa. Great rug choice! Also - that first inspiration pic is Courtney's (A Thoughtful Place) - love her style!

  5. It looks lovely! cant wait to see the finished project. And just finished reading your post about that precious family needing help for a home. What a blessing that you are sharing their story and helping them with their home. And now Im off to go hug on my children!

  6. Oh gosh, do I love that rug!!! And that room is already looking a *LOT* different!

  7. I love your plans! I think the room is too bla even with the rusty red chairs and green accents. I love the cool grey blue and the wildish floral pattern. Looking forward to seeing it all come together!
    Karen E.

  8. You did a great job working with what you client already has and giving it a fresh look. Down the road maybe they can do the slip-covered sofa. In the meantime lots of pillows in those great fabrics and the pops of blue and terracotta will fill the bill!
    PS Love seeing your projects Abby...keep 'em coming!

  9. I think you did a great job by providing your client with two options regarding their living room. It shows that you care. They can chose option 2 for now and when they decide change out the sofa. It will give them a new look again.

    Great work Abby! Can't wait to see the finished result! By the way I love the table lamps.

  10. New pillows, new layout that you've proposed, the rug, and draperies are going to do wonders in this room. I love what you've proposed. Do you think they'll move the bookshelf? Is this the same client with the great basement getting all new built-ins, etc?

  11. I love both options. She could always get a slipcover for her existing sofa?

    I'm a new follower! Found you from The Mustard Ceiling. I hope you'll follow me back!

  12. Read your great interview with Elizabeth! Glad to have found your blog, Abby! Your choices to update their space are great, even if they don't go with the new sofa, you've created a nice plan to freshen up what they have!

  13. Beautiful choices, Abby. And I'm loving those lamps. Your client must love this. I think you nailed it based on the inspiration. Nothing like gorgeous pillows to complete a space, too!

  14. Sometimes, as designers we have to work with what they give us. Not everyone has the luxury of starting over...I think if they decide to keep the sofa then your second solution is a winner.....so much more updated.


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