"the inside scoop"

I'm excited for today because I'm joining Elizabeth's series, "the inside scoop" at The Mustard Ceiling.  I was so flattered to be asked to participate and somehow wrote a novel.  :-)

If you haven't been reading The Mustard Ceiling, you've missed out on her 
most amazing laundry room:
 These fabulous chairs with stenciled ikat fabric:
And right now they are demoing their kitchen!

Elizabeth has a degree in interior design, but has since started designing blogs!  She's incredibly talented and I am dying for her to get her hands on my blog.  It needs the Elizabeth touch.

I hope you come visit me at The Mustard Ceiling today!


  1. Just read your scoop and it was great. Not a novel at all (but maybe I'm just long winded)

  2. Oh fun, will go read that in a minute. I'm sure your inside scoop will be great! I love Elizabeth and am impatiently waiting for her to do my blog next week! I can't wait!

  3. Just read your scoop on The Mustard Ceiling - great advice you shared! I have checked in to your blog at various times, but sure I have ever commented (sorry - shame on me). I was wondering if you'd like to do a blog roll exchange? I'd love to add you to my roll, if you'd add me to yours (only if like my blog of course!)Let me know!

  4. loved your post over at TMC. also thought I saw you are going to Haven in June? Im going as well- hope to get a chance to meet you. :-)
    Happy Valentines Day!

  5. I'm loving Elizabeth's series and was so happy to see you as a guest blogger! Wait, are you going to Haven Abby? I have been considering going but it's also my birthday weekend - not that the weekend would deter me from going but I'd need to make plans now - flight, room, etc.

  6. Abby, that was THE BEST post! One of the best you've done, I think. I loved it. And how did I never visit her blog? Thanks for the introduction. What a tour of her house -- fantastic.

  7. Your were one of my inspirations to start my own blog. Thank you!

  8. Going over to check it out! I'm a day late, but I'm getting there. xo

  9. I'm heading over, love The Mustard Ceiling! I've tagged you in a game, Abby -


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